At White House Pride Event, Biden Signs LGBTQ Executive Order

During a White House Pride event on Wednesday, President Joe Biden signed an executive order aimed at countering state anti-LGBTQ laws

Kamala Harris Criticizes State Anti-LGBTQ Laws

During a surprise Pride Month appearance, Vice President Kamala Harris criticized state anti-LGBTQ laws backed by Republicans

Christina Aguilera Headlines LA Pride: Being An LGBTQ Ally Is 'In My DNA'

Singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera will headline LA Pride, Los Angeles' annual LGBTQ Pride celebration

Conrad Ricamora: Chosen Family Means So Much Because 'I Grew Up Feeling Scared' To Be Out

Out actor Conrad Ricamora talked about what Pride Month means to him in a recent Logo spotlight

Franklin Graham Cheers Tampa Bay Rays Players Who Refused To Wear LGBTQ Pride Patch

Christian conservative Franklin Graham has praised the Tampa Bay Rays players who refused to wear an LGBTQ Pride Month patch during the team's 16th annual Pride Night celebration

Dan Levy Calls LGBTQ Pride Month Bittersweet Because 'There's So Much Working Against Us'

In a recent interview, out actor Dan Levy pointed out the link between LGBTQ rights and voting

Biden Calls Onslaught Of Anti-LGBTQ Bills 'Dangerous' And 'Cruel'

In his second Pride Month proclamation as president, Joe Biden called out the spate of anti-LGBTQ bills introduced and passed in Republican-led states

Taiwan To Host WorldPride 2025

Kaohsiung, Taiwan on Saturday was named the host city of WorldPride 2025, marking the first time an East Asia city has been selected

Polish Parliament Debates Bill Banning LGBT Pride Parades

Polish lawmakers on Friday vote to continue work on a bill which seeks to ban LGBT Pride parades and other public gatherings that promote same-sex relationships

Chicago Cancels Its 2021 LGBT Pride Parade

Organizers behind Chicago's annual LGBT Pride Parade have canceled this year's march

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