Out actor Conrad Ricamora talked about what Pride Month means to him in a recent Logo spotlight.

Ricamora, 43, is best known for playing Oliver Hampton on the ABC legal drama How to Get Away with Murder. He currently can be seen in Hulu's gay romantic comedy film Fire Island.

“I will say that Pride every year for me is still a celebration. It’s a time to go out with your friends to celebrate how far we have all come,” Ricamora said. “Especially in our own personal lives as adults from, being in the closet to where we may be as individuals, and playing Oliver on How to Get Away With Murder has provided opportunities to march in the parade and to take part in different events and represent, not only the gay community but the Asian community. It’s something I look forward to every year.”

A theme in Fire Island is chosen family. Ricamora said that the concept is important to him because he grew up “feeling scared to be who I am.”

“The concept of chosen family means so much to me because I grew up feeling scared to be who I am and growing up and finding other people who had a similar experience and people who loved me for that part of me,” he explained. “I felt affirmed in a way that I had never felt in my entire life in a way that I envied my straight friends growing up. And I knew that there was always something that I couldn’t share with them. I think it’s the reason why that term exists because when you are deprived of something for so long you value it that much more when you find it and that’s chosen family.”

Fire Island is currently streaming on Hulu.