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Photographer Opposed To Gay Marriage Challenges Louisville's LGBT Protections Ordinance

A photographer opposed to same-sex marriage has filed a lawsuit challenging Louisville's LGBT-inclusive Fairness Ordinance

Gay Woman Claims Alaska Is Refusing To Recognize Her Marriage

A woman has filed a lawsuit claiming that Alaska has denied her a 2018 Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) because she's in a same-sex marriage

Chick-fil-A To End Donations To Three Anti-LGBT Groups

Chicken chain Chick-fil-A on Monday announced it would no longer donate to three groups opposed to same-sex marriage

Trump Judicial Nominee Lawrence VanDyke Cries Over Claim He's Anti-LGBT

Lawrence VanDyke, who President Donald Trump nominated for the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, became visibly emotional when asked by senators about his anti-LGBT record

Northern Ireland Set To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage By Valentine's Day

Northern Ireland is set to legalize same-sex marriage and abortion after a deadline to block their legalization passed on Monday

Hong Kong Court Upholds Ban On Gay Marriage

A Hong Kong court has rejected a challenge against the city's ban on same-sex marriage

Trump Calls Beto O'Rourke 'Wacko' For Proposing Anti-LGBT Churches Lose Tax-Exempt Status

President Trump has called Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O'Rourke a 'wacko' for proposing that religious institutions opposed to same-sex marriage lose their tax-exempt status

Gay Utah Couple Who Sued For Right To Marry Are Divorcing

The gay couple who filed a lawsuit that successfully overturned Utah's gay marriage ban are separating

Trump Admin Sides With Archdiocese That Fired Gay Teacher

The Trump administration has sided with the Archdiocese of Indianapolis in its legal fight to fire employees who are in a same-sex marriage

Joe Biden Says He Gets More Credit For Marriage Equality Than He Deserves

Appearing Saturday at a fundraiser hosted by gay philanthropist Tim Gill and his husband Scott Miller, former Vice President Joe Biden said that he gets more credit for marriage equality than he deserves

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