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Woman Who Threatened To Kill Over School's Same-Sex Wedding Announcements Pleads Guilty

A woman has pleaded guilty to threatening to kill nuns at a Catholic high school in DC after the school announced it would include information about same-sex weddings in its alumnae magazine

Man Proposes To Boyfriend During Coronavirus Vaccine Appointment

A man proposed to his boyfriend of five years during a COVID-19 vaccine appointment in Canton, South Dakota

Switzerland Approves Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Swiss lawmakers on Friday approved a bill that allows gay and lesbian couples to marry

Hungary Prohibits Same-Sex Couples From Adopting

Lawmakers in Hungary have approved measures that effectively prohibit gay and lesbian couples from adopting children and define marriage as a heterosexual union

Supreme Court Affirms Rights For Same-Sex Couples

The Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear a case that sought to undermine the rights of same-sex couples

Mexico City Archbishop Backs Civil Unions For Gay Couples

Mexico's highest-ranking Catholic bishop has said that he agrees with recent comments by Pope Francis in support of civil unions for gay and lesbian couples

Bolivia Recognizes First Same-Sex Union

Bolivia for the first time has recognized the union of a gay couple. The recognition comes after a two-year legal battle

Samuel Alito Criticizes Gay Marriage Ruling 'Obergefell'

U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Anthony Alito Jr. on Thursday criticized the high court's 2015 same-sex marriage ruling

Trump Faith Advisor Bishop Harry Jackson, Who Criticized Obama On Same-Sex Marriage, Dead

Bishop Harry Jackson, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights and an advisor to President Donald Trump, died on Monday. He was 66

Nevada Repeals Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Voters in Nevada on Tuesday upheld the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry

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