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Franklin Graham Cheers Church Of England's Opposition To Gay Marriage

Christian conservative Franklin Graham has cheered the Church of England's reiteration that it is opposed to marriage equality

Church Of England: Gay Sex 'Falls Short Of God's Purpose For Human Beings'

The Church of England has reiterated its position that marriage is for heterosexual couples

Gay Couples In Northern Ireland Begin Registering To Marry: First Weddings Set For Valentine's Day

Gay and lesbian couples in Northern Ireland began registering to marry as a new marriage law took effect on Monday

Woman Threatened To Kill Over Catholic School's Inclusion Of Gay Weddings In Alumnae Magazine

A California woman allegedly threatened to kill nuns at a Catholic high school in DC after the school announced it would include information about same-sex weddings in its alumnae magazine

Gay Marriage, LGBT Clergy Behind United Methodist Church's Proposed Split

United Methodist Church leaders have announced a proposed plan to split over issues related to LGBT acceptance

NOM Tells Supporters It's Working To Overturn 'Utterly Illegitimate Ruling In Obergefell'

NOM continues to inform supporters that it is working to overturn the Supreme Court's 2015 ruling striking down laws and constitutional amendments prohibiting same-sex marriage

Photographer Opposed To Gay Marriage Challenges Louisville's LGBT Protections Ordinance

A photographer opposed to same-sex marriage has filed a lawsuit challenging Louisville's LGBT-inclusive Fairness Ordinance

Gay Woman Claims Alaska Is Refusing To Recognize Her Marriage

A woman has filed a lawsuit claiming that Alaska has denied her a 2018 Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) because she's in a same-sex marriage

Chick-fil-A To End Donations To Three Anti-LGBT Groups

Chicken chain Chick-fil-A on Monday announced it would no longer donate to three groups opposed to same-sex marriage

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