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Romanians To Vote On Gay Marriage Ban

Romania will hold a referendum next month on whether to define marriage as between a man and a woman in its constitution

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Expresses Support For Gay Marriage

In his first interview since taking office, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel expressed support for changing the constitution to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry

Brett Kavanaugh Refuses To Answer Kamala Harris' Marriage Equality Questions

During his Senate confirmation hearing on Thursday, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh refused to answer questions related to Obergefell

Vatican Disputes Ex-Ambassador's Claims About Pope Francis Meeting With Kim Davis

The Vatican has reportedly signed off on a statement disputing allegations made by a former Vatican official against Pope Francis

Former Vatican Official Claims Pope Francis Knew About Meeting With Anti-Gay Marriage Clerk

A former Vatican official known for his opposition to marriage equality has claimed in a letter that Pope Francis knew who Kentucky clerk Kim Davis was

Cuba's Catholic Church Opposed To Extending Marriage To Gay, Lesbian Couples

Cuba's Roman Catholic Church has called on Cubans to reject a proposal to legalize same-sex marriage in the nation's new constitution

Scott Morrison, Australia's New Prime Minister, Opposes Gay Marriage

Australia's new prime minister, Scott Morrison, opposes marriage equality and supports 'religious freedom' laws, which many LGBT activists view as attempts to undermine LGBT rights

Mormon Church's Opposition To Gay Relationships Added To Manual For Missionaries

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormon Church, has added its policy against same-sex relationships to its recently updated manual for missionaries

Group Opposed To Marriage Equality, Transgender Rights Calls For Britney Spears Boycott

A Facebook group opposed to marriage equality and transgender rights has called for a boycott of Britney Spears

Irish PM Leo Varadkar To Raise Same-Sex Marriage With Pope

Out Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has said that he will raise the issue of same-sex marriage with Pope Francis when the two leaders meet in Ireland later this month

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