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Samuel Alito Criticizes Gay Marriage Ruling 'Obergefell'

U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Anthony Alito Jr. on Thursday criticized the high court's 2015 same-sex marriage ruling

Trump Faith Advisor Bishop Harry Jackson, Who Criticized Obama On Same-Sex Marriage, Dead

Bishop Harry Jackson, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights and an advisor to President Donald Trump, died on Monday. He was 66

Nevada Repeals Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Voters in Nevada on Tuesday upheld the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry

State Department Ends Appeals In Cases Challenging Gay Couple's Kid's U.S. Citizenship

The Department of State has ended appeals in two cases challenging the U.S. citizenship of children born abroad to married same-sex, U.S. citizen couples

LGBT Groups Criticize Confirmation Of Amy Coney Barrett To Supreme Court

The U.S. Senate on Monday confirmed Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court

Gay Couples In Northern Ireland Can Convert Their Civil Union To Marriage Starting December 7

Starting December 7, gay and lesbian couples in Northern Ireland will be able to convert their civil union to marriage

Poll Finds 70% Support For Same-Sex Marriage, A New High

According to a survey released this week, more than two-thirds of Americans support same-sex marriage

Franklin Graham Condemns Pope Francis For 'Normalizing Homosexuality'

Christian conservative Franklin Graham has criticized Pope Francis' endorsement of civil unions for gay and lesbian couples

Pope Francis Endorses Civil Unions For Gay, Lesbian Couples

Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of 1.2 Roman Catholics, has endorsed civil unions for gay and lesbian couples

Pete Buttigieg: Amy Coney Barrett's SCOTUS Confirmation Could Threaten My Marriage

During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Pete Buttigieg, who is gay and married, said that Judge Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation to the Supreme Court could threaten his marriage

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