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Gay Marriage Foe Frank Schubert: Kids Of Same-Sex Couples To Struggle In COVID-19 Crisis

In an op-ed published this week, gay marriage foe Frank Schubert claimed that children of same-sex couples are poorly positioned to handle the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis

Televangelist Claims Holy Spirit Told Him Coronavirus Is God's 'Reckoning' For Same-Sex Marriage

Televangelist Perry Stone has claimed that the Holy Spirit told him that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a 'reckoning' brought on by abortion and same-sex marriage

Illinois Rep. Dan Lipinski – A Gay Marriage Opponent – Loses Democratic Primary

Illinois Representative Dan Lipinski lost the Democratic primary to a liberal challenger on Tuesday

Supreme Court Asked To Overturn Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

The Supreme Court has been asked to reverse itself on its 2015 ruling that struck down state laws and constitutional amendments that prohibited same-sex marriage

Vladimir Putin Proposes Constitutional Amendment Banning Gay Marriage In Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in Russia

Hundreds Of Students Protest Catholic High School Allegedly Forcing Two Gay Teachers To Quit

Hundreds of high school students on Tuesday walked out of classes to protest the departures of two gay teachers they say were forced out by the Archdiocese of Seattle

Russian President Vladimir Putin Says He'll Never Allow Gay Marriage

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday vowed he would never allow gay and lesbian couples to legally marry as long as he's in the Kremlin

First Same-Sex Couple Marries In Northern Ireland

Two women made history on Tuesday as the first same-sex couple to marry in Northern Ireland

Michael Bloomberg: I Didn't Just Speak Up For Marriage Equality – I Worked To Make It A Reality

In an op-ed published Wednesday, Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg called his support for LGBT rights 'one of the great fights of my life'

Texas AG Ken Paxton Sides With Judge Who Refuses To Marry Gay Couples

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican, has sided with a judge who has refused to marry gay and lesbian couples

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