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Liz Cheney Says She Was 'Wrong' About Opposing Same-Sex Marriage

During an appearance Sunday on 60 Minutes, Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney, a Republican, said that her opposition to marriage equality was 'wrong'

Swiss Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Same-Sex Marriage

Voters in Switzerland on Sunday overwhelmingly approved a same-sex marriage law

Swiss Voters To Vote On Same-Sex Marriage

Voters in Switzerland on Sunday will decide the fate of a same-sex marriage bill approved by lawmakers

Draft Of New Cuba Family Code Defines Marriage As 'A Union Of Two People'

A draft of a proposed new family code in Cuba would allow gay and lesbian couples to marry on the Communist island

Federal Judge Rules Catholic High School Wrongly Fired Gay Teacher

A federal judge has ruled that a Catholic high school in North Carolina wrongly fired a gay teacher after he announced plans to marry his long-time partner

Republican Opposed To Marriage Equality Challenging Transgender Virginia Delegate Danica Roem

Out Virginia state Delegate Danica Roem, a Democrat, is being challenged by a Republican opposed to marriage equality

Lawmakers In Yucatan, Mexico Approve Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Lawmakers in the Mexican state of Yucatan have approved a bill that allows gay and lesbian couples to marry

Same-Sex Couples Can Now Marry In Baja California, Mexico

The Mexican state of Baja California has officially legalized marriage for gay and lesbian couples

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera Says He'll Back Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera has reversed course on a stalled same-sex marriage bill

Majority Of Republicans Approve Of Same-Sex Marriage, Gallup Poll Finds

A new poll released Tuesday shows 70 percent of Americans approve of same-sex marriage

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