FRC's Tony Perkins Cheers, Slate Jeers Puerto Rico Gay Marriage Ruling

Tony Perkins, president of the Christian conservative Family Research Council, has applauded a federal judge's ruling upholding Puerto Rico's ban on gay marriage

Anderson Cooper Puts Pat Robertson On 'RidicuList' Over Getting AIDS From Towels Remark

CNN's Anderson Cooper has put televangelist Pat Robertson on the RidicuList over his recent warning that people could get AIDS from towels

Federal Judge Upholds Puerto Rico's Gay Marriage Ban

A federal judge on Tuesday upheld Puerto Rico's ban on gay marriage, saying that allowing such unions could lead to plural and incestuous marriages

North Carolina GOP Leader Backs Officials Who Refuse To Marry Gay Couples

A prominent GOP lawmaker has come to the defense of and proposed legislative relief for North Carolina officials who refuse to marry gay and lesbian couples

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter Appeals Gay Marriage Ruling

Idaho Governor Butch Otter, a Republican, on Tuesday announced that his administration would appeal a federal appeals court's ruling striking down the state's ban on gay marriage

Rick Scott Won't Say Whether Florida's Gay Marriage Ban Discriminates

FL Gov. Rick Scott reiterated his opposition to marriage equality during a televised debate last week against Democratic challenger Charlie Crist

North Carolina County Approves Resolution Opposing Gay Marriage

A North Carolina county on Monday approved a resolution criticizing the recent federal ruling that legalized marriage for gay couples in the state

Gay Couples Begin Exchanging Vows In Wyoming

Wyoming officials on Tuesday began issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples