9 Former 'Ex-Gay' Leaders Denounce Conversion Therapy As 'Ineffective And Harmful'

Nine former leaders of the 'ex-gay' movement on Thursday published a joint letter denouncing conversion therapy as 'ineffective and harmful'

Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Domestic Partnership Registry

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Thursday ruled the state's domestic partnership registry to be constitutional

Opposition To Gay Marriage In Kentucky Drops 22 Points Over 10 Years

Opposition to gay marriage in Kentucky has dropped 22 percentage points since voters approved a constitutional amendment banning such unions in 2004

Gay Rights Foe Tony Perkins Drops Off MSNBC, CNN; But Appearances Increase At Fox News

FRC's Tony Perkins has virtually disappeared from CNN, MSNBC, while appearances on Fox News have increased

Gay Marriage 'Beginning Of The End Of Western Civilization,' Mat Staver Warns

Christian conservative Mat Staver warns that allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry could doom Western civilization

Opponents Call For 4 Days Of Prayer To Ask 6th Circuit To Uphold Marriage Bans In 4 States

Marriage equality opponents have launched a prayer campaign as the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals takes up cases challenging gay marriage bans in 4 states

Eureka Springs To Host Reception To Honor Gay Couples Who Married In May

The city of Eureka Springs, Arkansas will host a reception Saturday to honor the hundreds of gay couples who married in May

Gay Couple Gets Threatening Letter For Flying Rainbow Flag: We Don't Want Your Kind

A gay couple in Longueuil received an anonymous letter warning them to take down the rainbow flag flying from their balcony or 'suffer the consequences'