Mexico City: Tens Of Thousands March Against Proposal To Legalize Gay Marriage

Tens of thousands of people on Saturday marched through Mexico City to protest against a proposal to legalize marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples throughout Mexico

20 Percent Of LGBT Voters Support Donald Trump

According to a poll released Friday, 20 percent of LGBT voters say they'll vote for Donald Trump in November

NOM Protest Against Mexican Proposal To Legalize Gay Marriage Draws Tiny Crowd

Fewer than a dozen people attended a protest at the Mexican embassy in Washington against a proposal to legalize marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples throughout Mexico

Rhode Island Catholic Church Fires Gay Music Director

A Roman Catholic church in Providence, Rhode Island is the latest congregation to fire a gay employee

Obama To Stump For Hillary Clinton At LGBT Fundraiser

President Barack Obama will appear next week at a Hillary Clinton event to be held at the home of a lesbian couple in the District of Columbia

Donald Trump Taps Rick Santorum, Sam Brownback For Catholic Advisory Council

Donald Trump on Thursday announced the formation of a 35-member Catholic Advisory Council

ACLU Sues Kim Davis For $233K In Legal Fees Stemming From Gay Marriage Suit

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against Kim Davis in an attempt to recover legal fees stemming from a lawsuit over her refusal to allow her office to issue marriage licenses to gay couples

Chile's Michelle Bachelet Promises Gay Marriage Bill In 2017

Chile's President Michelle Bachelet promised on Wednesday that her government would introduce a bill giving gay and lesbian couples access to marriage in the first half of 2017

Uganda's Simon Lokodo Threatens To Arrest Activists Behind LGBT Pride

Simon Lokodo, Uganda's cabinet minister in charge of ethics and integrity, has threatened to arrest activists behind a planned LGBT Pride parade in Kampala, the nation's capital

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