Facebook, Google, Amazon, Starbucks Urge Court To Strike Down Virginia's Gay Marriage Ban

Twenty-eight companies have filed an 'amicus' brief urging a federal appeals court to affirm a lower court's ruling declaring invalid Virginia's ban on gay marriage

Mexican Court Declares State Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

A Mexican court has declared Oaxaca's ban on gay marriage to be invalid

Oregon To Judge Hearing Challenge To Gay Marriage Ban: No Rational Reason For Ban

A federal judge in Eugene on Wednesday heard arguments in favor of striking down Oregon's ban on gay marriage

Liberty Counsel Tweets: Will It Soon Be Taboo To Be Heterosexual In America?

Christian conservative group Liberty Counsel on Wednesday asked followers to weigh in on whether it will soon be 'taboo to be heterosexual in America?'

Bryan Fischer Laments America Doesn't Have Russian-Style Anti-Gay Law

Christian conservative Bryan Fischer on Tuesday lamented that America does not have a Russian-style law that prohibits the promotion of 'gay propaganda' to minors

Gary Bauer: Polls 'Cooked' To Favor Gay Marriage

Gary Bauer, president of the Christian conservative American Values, has claimed that pollsters have been 'cooking' surveys to favor marriage equality advocates

Oregon Judge Denies Attempt To Delay Arguments In Gay Marriage Case

A federal judge on Tuesday denied a motion to delay arguments in a case challenging Oregon's ban on gay marriage

Louisiana Lawmaker Pulls Gay Workplace Discrimination Bill

Citing a lack of support, a Louisiana lawmaker on Tuesday pulled a proposed bill which sought to prohibit workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity