Sandy Rios: Order Protecting Gay Workers Allows Christians To Be Hassled By Agents In Drag

Sandy Rios has warned that an order which prohibits federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT workers will lead to Christians being harassed by FBI agents in drag

Colorado AG John Suthers Appeals Gay Marriage Ruling

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers has appealed a federal judge's ruling striking down Colorado's ban on gay marriage

Richard Land Encourages Christian Conservatives To Stand Up To 'Gay Thought Police'

Richard Land has called on Christian conservatives to stand up to the 'gay thought police'

Obama's Order Protecting LGBT Workers Puts Christians At Risk, NOM Says

NOM on Tuesday criticized Obama for signing an executive order that prohibits federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT employees

Iowa Editor Fired Over Anti-Gay Rant Says He's A Victim Of Religious Discrimination

An Iowa newspaper editor has filed a complaint claiming his firing over an anti-gay post was a violation of his religious faith

Federal Judge Strikes Down Colorado's Gay Marriage Ban

For the second time this month, a judge has struck down Colorado's ban on gay marriage

Marco Rubio: Gay Marriage Foes Face 'Intolerance' From Supporters

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican, on Wednesday said opponents of gay marriage often face 'intolerance' from those who support it

Colorado Judge Denies Stay In Ruling Allowing Boulder To Issue Marriage Licenses To Gay Couples

A Colorado judge on Wednesday denied a stay of his ruling allowing Boulder to continue issuing marriage licenses to gay couples