Pat Robertson's Thanksgiving Message: Gay Rights Threaten Pilgrims' Legacy

Televangelist Pat Robertson said Wednesday that gay rights threaten everything the pilgrims and the founding fathers built

Linda Harvey: Anti-Gay Book Perfect Christmas Gift For Those 'Who Claim To Be Gay'

Christian conservative Linda Harvey has the perfect gift idea for gay people on your holiday list: her book which urges people to 'leave the homosexual lifestyle'

Mike Huckabee Suggests Gay Rights Could Lead To Nazi-Style Takeover

After visiting Nazi concentration camps in Poland, Mike Huckabee suggested that gay rights could lead to a Nazi takeover

Gay Marriage Bill Introduced In Australia

New South Wales Senator David Leyonhjelm on Wednesday introduced a bill which seeks to allow gay couples to marry in Australia

Pastor James Manning: If I Were 'Homosexual Sodomite' I'd Hang Myself From An Oak Tree

A pastor known for his opposition to gay rights has criticized an On Top Magazine story about him tweeting a parody video of himself confessing to be a 'homosexual sodomite'

13-Year-Old's Coming Out To 'Best Bro' Goes Viral

A 13-year-old's coming out to his 'best bro' has gone viral on social media

Federal Judges Strike Down Gay Marriage Bans In Mississippi, Arkansas

Constitutional amendments in Mississippi and Arkansas limiting marriage to heterosexual couples approved by voters in 2004 were struck down Tuesday by federal judges

Customer Refused Service After Using Gay Slur

A story about a customer being refused service over use of a gay slur has gone viral after it was shared by drag queen/LGBT rights activist Panti Bliss