The Amazon Trail: Love Song

Lee Lynch on protesting Trump and getting a Roomba for Valentine's Day

The Amazon Trail: Me And My Pin

Lee Lynch on her support for Hillary Clinton

The Amazon Trail: Freedom Clothes

Lee Lynch reflects on the aftermath of the mass shootings at an Orlando gay nightclub

From Uncle Sam To Aunt Samantha: Our Drag Queens Are Leaders

In the face of challenges and attacks, drag queens are still stepping up as leaders

The Amazon Trail: Emily Dickinson's Desk

After completing her latest book, Rainbow Gap, Lee Lynch tackles her desk

The Amazon Trail: Lesbian Vacations

Lee Lynch celebrates her birthday with a vacation

The Amazon Trail: Aging Tomboy

Lee Lynch ponders whether she can still call herself a tomboy at 70

The Amazon Trail: Potato Chip Salad

Lee Lynch on how she's taking on a healthy attitude in the new year with the help of a high-tech gadget

The 7 Most Influential Gay Men In The Fashion Industry

From models to designers to editors and bloggers, the world of style is almost dominated by men who are open and proud about their homosexuality

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