Roy Moore: US Was Better Off In 1960s When Sodomy Was Illegal, Transgender Rights Didn't Exist

In a recent speech, Senate candidate Roy Moore said that he wants to take the United States back to the 'moral basis' of the 1960s and 1970s when sodomy and abortion were illegal

Pat Robertson Calls Gender Transition 'An Attack Of The Enemy Against Human Beings'

Christian conservative Pat Robertson, the host of The 700 Club, on Monday described gender transition as 'an attack of the enemy against human beings'

Anti-Gay, Anti-Transgender Facebook Comments Lead To Suspension For Cincinnati Nurse

A nurse in Cincinnati has been placed on administrative leave after she posted an expletive-laden post on Facebook attacking gay and transgender people

Ted Cruz Describes Parents Who Support Their Transgender Kids As 'Child Abusers'

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican, has described parents who support their transgender kids as 'child abusers'

House Resolution Condemns Secretary Ben Carson's Transphobic Comments

Democratic Representatives Mike Quigley of Illinois and Katie Hill of California on Tuesday introduced a resolution condemning HUD Secretary Ben Carson's transphobic comments

Christian College Suspends Transgender Student After Getting Top Surgery

A Christian college in Tennessee has suspended a transgender student just hours after getting top surgery

Pat Robertson Calls Transgender Identity 'A Delusion'

On his The 700 Club program, Christian conservative Pat Robertson advised a father on how to react to a young person coming out as transgender

Martina Navratilova Apologizes For Calling Transgender Athletes 'Cheats'

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova has apologized for calling transgender athletes 'cheats'

LGBT Group Drops Martina Navratilova Over 'Transphobic' Comments

An LGBT group has dropped tennis legend Martina Navratilova after she penned an op-ed against transgender athletes competing in women's sports

Martina Navratilova Calls Transgender Athletes Competing In Women's Sports 'Cheating'

Out tennis legend Martina Navratilova has penned an op-ed against transgender athletes competing in women's sports

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