Tony Perkins Cheers Trump's Ban On Transgender Troops

FRC President Tony Perkins has applauded President Donald Trump's announcement that most transgender people will not be allowed to serve in the military

Ben Carson: Transgender People In Homeless Shelters Make Others 'Not Comfortable'

During a congressional hearing on Tuesday, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson said that transgender people in homeless shelters make other people 'not comfortable'

Kansas GOP OKs Resolution Opposing Efforts To 'Validate Transgender Identity'

The Kansas Republican Party on Saturday approved a resolution that opposes 'all efforts to validate transgender identity'

Peter LaBarbera: Media Coverage Of Adam Rippon Shows It's 'Obsessed With Homosexuality'

AFTAH's Peter LaBarbera on Tuesday claimed that media coverage of Adam Rippon and other out athletes shows that 'the media are obsessed with homosexuality'

Alex Jones: LGBT People Have High Rates Of Suicide Because 'Gay People Are Really Mean'

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones claimed on Friday that LGBT people have high rates of suicide because a lot of gay people are 'meaner than hell to each other'

Appeals Court Reinstates Transgender Man's Discrimination Lawsuit Against Starbucks

The Minnesota Court of Appeals has reinstated a transgender man's discrimination complaint against Starbucks

Tony Perkins On CDC Ban On 'Transgender': Trump Is Bringing Country Back To Reality

Tony Perkins has cheered the Trump administration's decision to ban the CDC from using certain words and phrases in any official documents related to next year's budget

Trump Administration Prohibits CDC From Using 'Transgender' In Budget Documents

The Trump administration has banned the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from using certain words and phrases in any official documents related to next year's budget

FRC Prays For God To Intervene In Transgender Military Ban

The Family Research Council (FRC) suggested in a prayer that the military will be weakened by allowing transgender people to serve openly

Trump Pulls Judicial Nominee Jeff Mateer, Who Called Transgender Kids Part Of 'Satan's Plan'

The White House on Wednesday announced that it was pulling two judicial nominees, include one who once called transgender kids part of 'Satan's plan' of 'destruction'

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