Conservatives Cheer Trump's Reversal On Transgender Student Protections

Christian conservative groups are cheering President Donald Trump's decision to rescind federal guidance that protected transgender students

NBA: Texas Transgender 'Bathroom Bill' Threatens Future Events

The NBA has joined the NFL on putting Texas lawmakers on notice about passage of a so-called bathroom bill that targets the transgender community

Radio Host: Chelsea Manning Commutation Shows Obama Has 'Weakness' For LGBT Community

Jesse Lee Peterson, the host of The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show, on Wednesday criticized President Barack Obama's decision to commute most of Chelsea Manning's remaining prison sentence

Texas Republicans Introduce Transgender 'Bathroom Bill'

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and state Senator Lois Kolkhorst on Thursday introduced a bill that targets the transgender community

Bryan Fischer Defends HB2; Calls Single-Stall Bathrooms 'Special Rights' For Transgender People

Christian conservative Bryan Fischer on Thursday protested a failed effort to repeal a North Carolina law that targets the LGBT community

Tony Perkins Calls Transgender-Inclusive Military A 'Hollowed-Out Shell'

Christian conservative Tony Perkins on Wednesday reacted to the news that the U.S. military has released a handbook to assist transgender service members

Uganda Pride Canceled

Organizers behind Ugandan's annual pride celebration announced Friday that they were canceling this year's march slated for this weekend

Uganda Pride Event Raided By Police

Police in Uganda arrested about two dozen people attending the Mr. and Miss Pride Uganda pageant at Kampala's Venom nightclub on Thursday

Pope Francis Claims That Schools Are Teaching Children That They Can Choose Their Gender

Meeting privately this week with bishops in Poland, Pope Francis said that it was 'terrible' that schools were teaching children that they can choose their gender

Gordon Klingenschmitt: LGBT History Curriculum Subjects Kids To 'Pedophile Spirit Of Abuse'

Colorado state Representative Gordon Klingenschmitt called on parents in California this week to remove their children from public schools to avoid the state's LGBT-inclusive curriculum

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