Larry King Asks Anna Paquin If She's A 'Non-Practicing' Bisexual

Anna Paquin, star of the HBO supernatural drama 'True Blood,' asserts she's bisexual, despite her marriage to Stephen Moyer

Noah Wyle: Attending Gay Friend's Legal Wedding 'Felt Good'

Actor Noah Wyle says attending his gay friend's legal wedding 'felt good'

Tony Hawk Endorses Gay Marriage: We All Deserve To Follow Our Hearts

Skateboarder Tony Hawk has joined the Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) Americans for Marriage Equality campaign

UFC Fighter Kyle Kingsbury Weighs In Wearing 'Legalize Gay' Briefs

UFC fighter Kyle Kingsbury made a statement when he stripped down at weigh-in wearing a pair of pink 'Legalize Gay' briefs

George Takei Calls Coming Out Gay 'Liberating;' Didn't Expect Career To 'Blossom'

Appearing Monday on NPR's 'Fresh Air,' actor George Takei described speaking out for LGBT rights for the first time as a gay man as 'liberating'

Ricky Martin Joins Mexico's 'The Voice'

Singer Ricky Martin has joined the cast of Mexico's version of the reality TV franchise 'The Voice'

Tom Daley 2015 Calendar Arrives In The UK

A 2015 beefcake calendar starring Olympic diving champ Tom Daley went on sale this week in Britain

David Tyree Says He Supports Gay Players

David Tyree was quoted on Thursday as saying he would support an openly gay player in the NFL