Franklin Graham Cheers Tampa Bay Rays Players Who Refused To Wear LGBTQ Pride Patch

Christian conservative Franklin Graham has praised the Tampa Bay Rays players who refused to wear an LGBTQ Pride Month patch during the team's 16th annual Pride Night celebration

Lauren Boebert Says Coming Out LGBTQ Before Age 21 Should Be Illegal

Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert, a Republican, on Friday suggested that sexual orientation and gender identity are a choice

Human Rights Groups Claim Iran Has Executed Two Gay Men On Sodomy Charges

Iran has executed two gay men on charges of sodomy, according to human rights groups

Franklin Graham Criticizes Canada's Law Banning 'Ex-Gay' Therapy

Christian conservative Franklin Graham has criticized Canada's law banning therapies that attempt to alter the sexual orientation or gender identity of lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender people

Real Estate Broker Who Hurled Homophobia At Buttigiegs Fired

A real estate broker who hurled homophobia online at Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and his husband Chasten has lost his job

Cow Manure Serves A Purpose, But Not Homosexuality, Claims NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson

North Carolina's Republican Lt. Governor Mark Robinson claimed during a recent sermon that straight couples are 'superior' to same-sex couples

Polish Parliament Debates Bill Banning LGBT Pride Parades

Polish lawmakers on Friday vote to continue work on a bill which seeks to ban LGBT Pride parades and other public gatherings that promote same-sex relationships

Biden White House Condemns NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson's Anti-LGBT Comments

The Biden White House on Friday condemned North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson's anti-LGBT comments

Pat Robertson, Who's Opposed To LGBT Rights, Steps Down As Host Of '700 Club'

Christian conservative Pat Robertson has stepped down as host of CBN's The 700 Club

NJ Candidate Vows To Repeal LGBT Curriculum: 'We're Not Teaching Sodomy To 6th Graders'

Former New Jersey Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli, the Republican nominee for governor, has promised to repeal LGBT-inclusive curriculum in primary and secondary public schools

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