One Million Moms Calls On Hallmark Channel Not To Force 'Acceptance Of Homosexuality'

Christian conservative group One Million Moms is calling on the Hallmark Channel not to produce LGBT movies

Utah Substitute Teacher Fired Over Homophobic Rant In Front Of Fifth-Graders

A school district in Utah has fired a substitute teacher who reportedly went on a homophobic rant

Franklin Graham Prays For Chick-Fil-A To Stand Up Against LGBT Agenda

In a Facebook post, Christian conservative Franklin Graham asked followers to join him in prayer for Chick-fil-A to stand up against the LGBT agenda

Roy Moore: US Was Better Off In 1960s When Sodomy Was Illegal, Transgender Rights Didn't Exist

In a recent speech, Senate candidate Roy Moore said that he wants to take the United States back to the 'moral basis' of the 1960s and 1970s when sodomy and abortion were illegal

Israel Folau Blames Gay Marriage For Deadly Brushfires in Australia

Rugby star Israel Folau has blamed same-sex marriage for deadly brushfires in Australia

Kentucky Principal Who Worked To Ban LGBT-Themed Books Faces Child Pornography Charges

A former Kentucky school principal who worked to ban LGBT-themed books from schools has been indicted on child pornography charges

Uganda Denies Plan To Reintroduce 'Kill The Gays' Bill

Uganda's government has denied there is a plan to reintroduce the death penalty for gay sex

Two Men In Serbia Beat A Man Because He Looked Gay Carrying A Pink Dog Transporter Bag

Police in Belgrade, the capital and largest city of Serbia, have arrested two men accused of beating another man because they thought he was gay

Anti-Gay, Anti-Transgender Facebook Comments Lead To Suspension For Cincinnati Nurse

A nurse in Cincinnati has been placed on administrative leave after she posted an expletive-laden post on Facebook attacking gay and transgender people

16 Men Detained In Uganda Over Suspected Homosexuality

Police in Uganda have detained 16 men on suspicion of homosexuality and human trafficking

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