Alex Jones: LGBT People Have High Rates Of Suicide Because 'Gay People Are Really Mean'

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones claimed on Friday that LGBT people have high rates of suicide because a lot of gay people are 'meaner than hell to each other'

Gay Couple Receives 'Homophobic' Fliers Instead Of Wedding Programs

A gay couple has sued a printing company after they received 'homophobic' pamphlets instead of the wedding programs they had ordered

Mat Staver: Gay Judges Incapable Of Giving Christians A 'Fair Shake' In Court

Mat Staver last week lamented the nomination of an openly gay judge, saying that gay judges could not remain objective in cases involving religious liberty for Christians

Teacher Who Compared Being Gay To Cancer Has Teaching Certificates Suspended

A former New Jersey high school teacher who once compared being gay to cancer has agreed to a three-year suspension of her teaching certificates

Chechen Man Who Apologized For Coming Out Gay Says He Was Forced To Apologize

A Chechen man who came out in a Time interview, then apologized on national television, now says he was coerced into making the statement

Linda Harvey: We Must 'Re-Horrify People About The Sin Of Homosexuality'

Christian conservative Linda Harvey recently welcomed anti-LGBT activist Peter LaBarbera to her Mission America radio show, where they both lamented increasing support for LGBT rights

Kevin Swanson: God Is Angry At California For Adopting LGBT-Inclusive Textbooks

Christian conservative Kevin Swanson has blamed California's adoption of textbooks which include the historical contributions of LGBT Americans for massive wildfires in the state

Michele Bachmann Considering Senate Bid

Former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann said last week that she is considering a bid for the U.S. Senate

Russian Senator Worries Animal Cruelty Law Will Open The Door To LGBT Rights

A Russian Senator argued against a bill that sought to protect animals by stating that it might open the door to LGBT rights

Franklin Graham Suggests Rosie O'Donnell Is Going To Hell

Christian conservative Franklin Graham has criticized comedian Rosie O'Donnell after she told House Speaker Paul Ryan that he would go 'straight to hell'

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