Franklin Graham Backs New Jersey Mayor Fighting LGBT Curriculum Law

Christian conservative Franklin Graham said last week that he backs the mayor of Barnegat, New Jersey in his campaign to repeal the state's LGBT curriculum law

Arizona Republican Claims Gay Men Have An Average Life Expectancy Of 42

An elected official in Mohave County, Arizona has claimed that gay men have an average life expectancy of 42

GOP Mayor Urging New Jersey Lawmakers To Reverse LGBT School Curriculum Law

The mayor of Barnegat, New Jersey is calling on state lawmakers to reverse a law that starting next year will add the contributions of LGBT Americans to school curriculums

Ohio Rep. Who Blamed Shootings On 'Trans People, Homosexual Marriage' Refuses To Resign

An Ohio representative who blamed two mass shootings over the weekend on LGBT rights advocates is refusing calls to resign

Rep. Candice Keller Blames Shootings On 'Trans People, Homosexual Marriage, Drag Queens'

Ohio state Representative Candice Keller, a Republican, has blamed two mass shootings over the weekend on LGBT rights advocates

Band Pulls Out Of Lebanon Festival To Protest Banning Of Group With Openly Gay Singer

A band has pulled out of a Lebanese music festival in solidarity with a group that was banned from the festival because it includes an openly gay member

Mat Staver Claims That Under The Equality Act Jeffrey Epstein Could Not Be Prosecuted

In a recent podcast, Christian conservative Mat Staver claimed that the Equality Act would legalize pedophilia

Australia Bans Homophobic Pastor Steven Anderson

Australia has banned homophobic pastor Steven Anderson from the Faithful World Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona

Oliver Stone Insists That Neither He Nor Vladimir Putin Are Homophobic

In a Facebook post, director Oliver Stone insisted that neither he nor Russian President Vladimir Putin are homophobic

Pregnant Mother Enjoying Anal Sex Leads To Gay Kid, Greek Bishop Claims

In a recent speech, Church of Cyprus Bishop Neophytos Masouras claimed that a mother will have a gay child if she enjoys anal sex during her pregnancy

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