James Dobson: 'Unresolved Election' Will Bring More 'LGBTQ Propaganda'

In his February newsletter, Christian conservative James Dobson repeated the lie that the presidential election was stolen

Israeli Orthodox Rabbi Claims COVID-19 Vaccine Might Turn People Gay

An ultra-Orthodox rabbi has warned his followers against taking the COVID-19 vaccine because it might turn people gay

Billy Porter Says His Church Told Him He Would 'Never Be Blessed' If He 'Chose To Be Gay'

Out actor Billy Porter has revealed that his church told him he would 'never be blessed' if he 'chose to be gay'

Trump Rule Eliminating LGBT Protections In Adoption, Health Services Took Effect Thursday

The Trump administration on Thursday finalized a rule change that reverses an Obama-era policy that protected against LGBT discrimination in adoption and health services

Woman Who Threatened To Kill Over School's Same-Sex Wedding Announcements Pleads Guilty

A woman has pleaded guilty to threatening to kill nuns at a Catholic high school in DC after the school announced it would include information about same-sex weddings in its alumnae magazine

Franklin Graham: 'Wicked' Democrats Will Impose LGBT Equality Act, If GOP Loses In Georgia

Christian conservative Franklin Graham is calling on Georgians to 'rally God's army' to defeat Democrats in next week's Senate run-off election

One Million Moms Boycotting Hallmark Over Gay Holiday Film 'Christmas House'

Christian conservative group One Million Moms said this week that it is boycotting 'all things Hallmark' over the Hallmark Channel's upcoming gay holiday film The Christmas House

Homophobe Pastor E.W. Jackson, Who Claimed He'd Never Get COVID-19, Reveals He's COVID+

Social conservative pastor and radio host E.W. Jackson announced on Sunday that he and his wife had contracted COVID-19

Simone Biles Responds To One Million Moms Attack On Uber Eats Ads With Jonathan Van Ness

Gymnast Simone Biles has responded to a Christian conservative group's criticism against ads for Uber Eats that feature her and Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness

Gay, Bisexual Republicans Have More Internalized Homophobia Than Democrats, Study Finds

A new research report from the Williams Institute finds higher rates of internalized homophobia among gay, lesbian, and bisexual Republicans than LGB Democrats

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