In Cleveland, Vocal Opposition To Proposed LGBT Protections

A proposal to add LGBT protections to a county charter in Ohio attracted vocal opposition last week

Chicago Archdiocese Blocks Priest From Burning Rainbow Flag

The Archdiocese of Chicago has blocked a priest's plan to burn a rainbow flag which once hung at the parish he now oversees

GOP Lawmaker Caught On Tape Saying Kids Better Off In Orphanages Than With Gay Parents

A Republican lawmaker from New Jersey told high school students that children would be better off in orphanages than with same-sex parents

Redmond O'Neal, Farrah Fawcett's Son, Accused Of Attacking Gay Man

A gay man has filed a lawsuit against Redmond O'Neal, the only child of actor Ryan O'Neal and the late actress-model Farrah Fawcett, accusing him of an anti-gay hate crime

In Wake Of Child Abuse Allegations, Catholic Bishop Calls For Ouster Of Gay Priests

A bishop has called for the ouster of gay priests following a report claiming that the Roman Catholic Church covered up child abuse by some 300 priests in Pennsylvania

Yelp Reviewer Calls Restaurant's LGBT Pride Flag 'Disgusting'; Leaves One-Star Review

A restaurant in Massachusetts received a one-star Yelp review because the owner had hung a small LGBT pride flag in its front window

Kentucky Police Recruit Fired Over Racist, Homophobic Tweets

The Shively, Kentucky police department has fired a recruit over racist and homophobic tweets he made between 2015 and 2017

Missouri Man Charged With Hate Crime After Assaulting Three Men He Thought Were Gay

A man in Missouri has been charged with a hate crime after he assaulted three men he thought were gay

Brighton LGBT Pride: Man On Train Threatens To Stab Gay People

Police in Britain have arrested a man who threatened to stab gay people following Brighton LGBT Pride

Republican Candidate In Missouri Once Claimed Being Gay More Dangerous Than Smoking

A Republican candidate for Missouri's House of Representatives once called being gay more dangerous than smoking

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