Out actor and new dad Luke Macfarlane recently discussed playing straight characters.

In June, Macfarlane announced the birth of his first child with his partner Hig Roberts.

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While Macfarlane has played gay characters – Scotty in the ABC drama Brothers & Sisters and Aaron in the 2022 film Bros – he is best known for his straight characters, including his latest role as Charlie on the Apple TV+ comedy series Platonic. The series also includes Rose Byrne, who plays Macfarlane's wife, and Seth Rogen.

In a recent interview with LGBTQ glossy Out, Macfarlane shared his thoughts on the subject of openly gay actors taking on straight roles.

“I think, like so many actors, I’m just looking for the next job,” Macfarlane said. “The best I can do for myself is make sure the people who I’m working with at the moment really like you because they become your advocates.”

“It really begins with people in positions of power giving you the opportunity. All we can continue to do is when people find themselves in positions of power, they use it to create opportunities and say, 'Yes, this openly gay actor can play a straight character,'” he said.

The 43-year-old actor also discussed his ideal wedding.

“If I were to have a wedding, the theme would be 'Wilderness Destination,'” he said. “I have this idea where everybody would get on a plane and we would fly to Alaska, have a beautiful wedding somewhere very remote, get back on the plane, and take you home.”