Tomás González, a Chilean gymnast who specializes in vault and floor exercises, has come out as gay.

González, 37, is promoting his autobiography, Campeón (Champion), in which he talks about his life and professional career.

In interviews with Chilean news outlets, González said: “I guess it's not a big deal anymore, but yes, I'm gay. And if it is about making it public, I prefer to do it in this book.”

González said that he dated women and planned on starting a family before coming out to himself at 24. Now in a relationship for six years, he plans to adopt children with his partner in the future.

He said that he “cried a lot in those [early] days.”

“Accepting myself wasn't an easy process,” he said. “Ultimately, one grows up in a heteronormative society that conditions you in the same way. I'm glad that things are becoming more normalized today.”

In his autobiography, González details the homophobia he faced as a professional athlete.

“I was willing to sacrifice my mental health in order to get to the Olympic Games,” he said.

According to the LGBTQ sports blog Outsports, González has competed in three Olympic Games and has won numerous medals at the Pam Am Games and South American Games.