Jake Kuzyk Says He's 'Very Proud To Be Gay!'

Professional snowboarder and skateboarder Jake Kuzyk has come out gay, making him the fifth snowboarder to come out in a week

Soccer Star Thomas Beattie Comes Out Gay

Former soccer star Thomas Beattie has announced that he's gay

Professional Volleyball Player Dennis Del Valle Comes Out Gay

Dennis Del Valle, a professional volleyball player, announced in an interview that he's gay

College Basketball Coach Matthew Lynch Comes Out Gay

In an op-ed published Thursday, college basketball coach Matthew Lynch announced that he's gay

Track Star Denis Finnegan Comes Out Gay

In a podcast, Irish track star Denis Finnegan announced he's gay

Jason Collins Says He Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Out former NBA player Jason Collins has said that he tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19)

Wrestler Curdin Orlik Is First Openly Gay Pro Athlete In Switzerland

A 27-year-old Swiss wrestler has come out gay, making him the first openly gay professional athlete in Switzerland

Olympic Swimmer Markus Thormeyer Comes Out Gay

Canadian Olympic swimmer Markus Thormeyer publicly came out as gay in an emotional essay published last week

Dwyane Wade Shares 'Proud' Moment Daughter Came Out As Transgender

During an appearance Tuesday on Ellen DeGeneres' daytime talk show, Dwyane Wade shared the proud moment his 12-year-old daughter came out as transgender to him and his wife

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