Steve Grand Rationalized Abusing Alcohol By Saying It Made Him More Creative

Out singer-songwriter Steve Grand talks about years of alcohol abuse in the September issue of Attitude

Perez Hilton Claims He Was Fired Because Of His Bullying Past

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton this week once again apologized for his past sins, claiming they were the reason behind a recent firing

Clay Aiken Apologizes For Defending Trump From Racist Claims During Election

Out singer Clay Aiken this week apologized for defending President Donald Trump from racist claims during the election, tweeting that he was 'wrong'

Gay Porn Star Colby Keller Says He Voted For Trump Because U.S. Democracy Is 'A Farce'

In an op-ed published Tuesday, gay adult film star Colby Keller says that he voted for President Donald Trump because 'democracy in the United States is a farce'

Aaron Carter Would Ask Tom Hardy, Adam Lambert On A Date

Recently out singer Aaron Carter recently told TMZ.com that he hasn't heard from his brother Nick since coming out

Tom Daley, Dustin Lance Black Release Wedding Day Video

British Olympic diver Tom Daley and Hollywood screenwriter Dustin Lance Black have shared a video of their wedding day

Ellen DeGeneres Talks Being Bullied In Hollywood After Coming Out

Daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres covers this month's issue of Good Housekeeping

Adam Lambert, Gigi Gorgeous Cheer Aaron Carter's Coming Out

Out singer Adam Lambert and transgender Internet star Gigi Gorgeous applauded singer Aaron Carter's recent coming out

Tyler Oakley, Don Lemon, Carrie Preston React To Trump's Latest Comments On Transgender Troops

Internet star Tyler Oakley, CNN anchor Don Lemon and actor Carrie Preston are among the celebrities speaking out against President Donald Trump's latest comments on transgender troops

Chelsea Manning Appears In 'Vogue'

Chelsea Manning appears in a red swimsuit on the beach in the pages of Vogue magazine's September issue

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