AIDS Activist, Playwright Larry Kramer Writing Play About COVID-19 Crisis

AIDS activist, author, playwright Larry Kramer is writing a play that deals in part with the coronavirus pandemic

Rapper Da Brat Gushes About Girlfriend Jesseca Dupart

During a recent radio appearance, rapper Da Brat gushed about her girlfriend Jesseca Dupart

Colton Underwood Says Appearing On 'The Bachelor' Confirmed He Isn't Gay

Reality star Colton Underwood has said that appearing on reality television confirmed to him that he's not gay

Andy Cohen Says It Took Him 11 Days To Get Over COVID-19

Out celebrity Andy Cohen returned to work on Monday after secluding himself at home as he fought off a diagnosis of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus

Billy Porter On Trump's Coronavirus Response: Remember This Shit In November

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, out actor Billy Porter criticized President Donald Trump's slow response to the coronavirus pandemic

Kathy Griffin: Trump Is 'Lying' About Coronavirus Testing

Comedian Kathy Griffin has criticized President Donald Trump for his claim that coronavirus testing is widely available

Rapper Da Brat Confirms She's Dating Jesseca Dupart

Rapper Da Brat has confirmed she's dating Jesseca Dupart, acknowledging for the first time publicly that she's gay

Michelle Visage Says She's Had Sex With Men And Women But Doesn't Identify As Bisexual

In an interview with The Guardian, Michelle Visage, a judge on VH1's RuPaul's Drag Race, explains why she doesn't identify as bisexual

'Bachelor' Star Colton Underwood Thought He 'Might Be Gay' As A Teen

In an interview with People, reality star Colton Underwood said that bullying as a teen led him to believe he might be gay

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