Madonna Posts Tributes To Friends She Lost To AIDS

To mark World AIDS Day, Madonna posted tributes to two friends she lost to the disease, including artist Keith Haring and former roommate Martin Burgoyne

Donatella Versace Describes Trump As 'Weak'

In a cover interview for UK LGBT glossy Attitude, Donatella Versace describes President Donald Trump as 'weak'

Elton John Received A Christmas Gift From Freddie Mercury A Month After His Death

In a book excerpt, out singer Elton John shares a story about receiving a special Christmas gift from Freddie Mercury a month after his death from complications related to AIDS

Olly Alexander Calls Labels Such As 'Top' And 'Bottom' To Describe Gay Men 'Super Reductive'

Out singer Olly Alexander, the frontman for the band Years & Years, says that the label 'twink' to describe young thin gay men carries a lot of negative baggage

Tan France Joined 'Queer Eye' Because He Wanted Trump To See His 'Gay Muslim' Face

At a recent panel discussion, Queer Eye's fashion guy Tan France said that he joined the makeover show because he wanted President Donald Trump to see his 'gay Muslim' face

Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness: George H.W. Bush 'Allowed AIDS To Spread' Through Inaction

Queer Eye's grooming guy Jonathan Van Ness on Wednesday reminded followers on Twitter of former President George H.W. Bush's inaction on AIDS

Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski Named Eater's Food Brand Of The Year

Queer Eye's food and wine guy Antoni Porowski has been named Eater's Food Brand of the Year

Billy Porter, Lucas Hedges, Troye Sivan Receive Golden Globe Nominations

Billy Porter, Lucas Hedges and Troye Sivan are among the LGBT artists who received Golden Globe nominations on Thursday

Olly Alexander: Music Industry Remains 'Entrenched' In Homophobia

In an interview with the Independent, Olly Alexander, the out frontman for Years & Years, said that there's 'entrenched homophobia behind the scenes at all levels of the music industry'

Cheyenne Jackson Says He's Focused On His Marriage, Sobriety And Fatherhood

In a cover interview with UK LGBT glossy Attitude, actor Cheyenne Jackson discusses his struggle with addiction and becoming a father

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