ACLU: Trump Supreme Court Brief 'Reversed Engineered' To Conclude It's OK To Fire Gay Workers

The ACLU has criticized the position of the Trump administration in a Supreme Court brief, saying that its filing has been 'reverse engineered' to conclude that it's lawful to fire LGBT workers

Queer Eye's Karamo Brown Deletes Twitter Account After Calling Sean Spicer A 'Good Guy'

Following a backlash to calling Sean Spicer a 'good guy,' Karamo Brown, Queer Eye's culture guy, deleted his Twitter account

Florida Executes Serial Killer Who Preyed On Older Gay Men

The state of Florida on Thursday executed a serial killer who preyed on older gay men

First Look: Showtime Releases Trailer For Lesbian Drama 'The L Word: Generation Q'

Showtime has released the first trailer for its upcoming sequel to The L Word

CrossFit Athlete Alec Smith Says DNA Test Showed He's Gay

Alec Smith, an accomplished CrossFit athlete, has come out as gay

Log Cabin Spokesman Claims LGBT Community 'Better Off' Under Trump

During an appearance on Fox News, a spokesman for the Log Cabin Republicans claimed that the LGBT community was 'better off' under the leadership of President Donald Trump

Queer Eye's Karamo Brown Joins Season 28 Of 'Dancing With The Stars'

Karamo Brown, Queer Eye's culture guy, will compete in the upcoming season of ABC's dancing competition series Dancing with the Stars

Lana Wachowski To Direct 'Matrix 4'

Lana Wachowski will direct the upcoming film Matrix 4

China's Gay Marriage Ban Preserves Nation's 'Historical And Cultural Traditions,' Spokesman Says

A spokesman for China's parliament has ruled out expanding the nation's marriage laws to include gay and lesbian couples

Pointing To Log Cabin Endorsement, Trump Says He's Done 'Very Well' With LGBT Community

President Donald Trump on Tuesday told reporters that he's done 'very well' with the LGBT community

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