A 20-year-old man in Uganda could face the death penalty for violating the African nation's law that prohibits gay sex.

According to the AP, the suspect is described as a “peasant” from the eastern district of Soroti. He was charged on August 18 with having unlawful sexual intercourse with another man.

The suspect is the first to be charged with aggravated homosexuality since the law's enactment in May.

Western nations called on President Yoweri Museveni not to sign the law and threatened to withhold aid if he did. The pressure campaign worked to remove language that criminalized identifying as LGBTQ from the final bill that Museveni signed.

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Authorities claim that the men had sex at a sports stadium in Soroti. No other details were given.

Gay sex is outlawed in more than 30 of Africa's 54 countries.