Gay Couple In Zambia Gets 15-Year Prison Term; U.S. Ambassador Says He's 'Horrified'

A gay male couple has been sentenced to 15 years in prison under Zambia's colonial-era law that prohibits gay sex

Hungary Pulls Out Of 'Homosexual Flotilla' Eurovision Song Contest

Hungary's right-wing government has announced that it will not participate in next year's Eurovision song contest

Several Ministries Banning LGBT Job Seekers In Indonesia, Ombudsman Says

A report released Friday alleges that several ministries in Indonesia are banning pregnant, disabled, or LGBT job seekers

Israel Folau Blames Gay Marriage For Deadly Brushfires in Australia

Rugby star Israel Folau has blamed same-sex marriage for deadly brushfires in Australia

Uganda Denies Plan To Reintroduce 'Kill The Gays' Bill

Uganda's government has denied there is a plan to reintroduce the death penalty for gay sex

Two Men In Serbia Beat A Man Because He Looked Gay Carrying A Pink Dog Transporter Bag

Police in Belgrade, the capital and largest city of Serbia, have arrested two men accused of beating another man because they thought he was gay

Bogota, Colombia Elects Lesbian Woman As Mayor

Voters in Bogota, Colombia's capital, on Sunday elected the city's first openly lesbian mayor

16 Men Detained In Uganda Over Suspected Homosexuality

Police in Uganda have detained 16 men on suspicion of homosexuality and human trafficking

New Zealand Bans Homophobic Pastor Steven Anderson

New Zealand has banned homophobic pastor Steven Anderson from the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona

Northern Ireland Set To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage By Valentine's Day

Northern Ireland is set to legalize same-sex marriage and abortion after a deadline to block their legalization passed on Monday

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