Pizza Shop Alters Meaning Of Anti-Gay Marriage Billboard

A pizza shop in Australia has cleverly altered the meaning of a billboard encouraging Australians to vote against legalizing same-sex marriage

Same-Sex Marriage Opponents To Hold 'Straight Lives Matter' Rally In Sydney's Gay Village

Opponents of same-sex marriage in Australia are planning to hold a 'straight lives matter' rally on Saturday to promote 'white heteronormativity'

Brazilian Judge Strikes Down Ban On 'Ex-Gay' Therapy

A Brazilian judge has struck down a 1999 decision banning therapies that attempt to alter the sexual orientation of lesbian, gay and bisexual people

Poll Finds Majority Support For Gay Marriage In Northern Ireland

A new survey released this week found majority support for same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland

Serbia's Gay Prime Minister Ana Brnabic Joins Belgrade Pride Parade

Ana Brnabic, Serbia's first openly gay prime minister, on Sunday joined several hundred activists marching in Belgrade's LGBT Pride parade

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Attacks Human Rights Head: Is He 'Gay Or Pedophile?'

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has suggested that the head of the nation's Commission for Human Rights (CHR) is gay for focusing on the deaths of two teenagers

Margaret Court Warns That Same-Sex Marriage Will Lead To The End Of Christmas

Australian tennis great Margaret Court warned this week that allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry will lead to the end of Christmas

Israeli Orthodox Lawmaker Forced To Resign Over Attending Gay Nephew's Wedding

An ultra-Orthodox Israeli lawmaker was forced to resign over attending his gay nephew's wedding

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull Calls On Voters To Vote Yes On Marriage Equality

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is among the 24 Liberal and National MPs and senators calling on voters to vote yes on a postal survey on same-sex marriage

Paris Police Say They Thwarted A Terrorist Plot Against Gay Nightclubs

French authorities said this week they thwarted a terrorist plot that targeted gay nightclubs in Paris

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