Thousands Of LGBT Protesters In Poland Demand Release Of Transgender Activist

Thousands of people on Saturday gathered in the center of Warsaw, Poland demanding the release of a transgender activist accused of hanging rainbow Pride flags on statues

Three Polish LGBT Activists Face Up To Two Years In Jail For Hanging Pride Flags On Statues

Three activists in Warsaw protesting the anti-LGBT policies of Polish President Andrzej Duda have been arrested and charged

EU Denies Funding To Six Polish Towns That Declared Themselves 'LGBT-Free Zones'

Six Polish towns that declared themselves to be 'LGBT-Free Zones' have been denied funding by the European Union

Former Vatican Official Accuses Pope Of Heresy For Promoting 'Legitimization Of Homosexuality'

A former Vatican official known for his opposition to LGBT rights has accused Pope Francis of heresy for promoting the 'legitimization of homosexuality'

Mexico City Bans 'Ex-Gay' Therapy

Lawmakers in Mexico City on Friday approved a bill that criminalizes therapies that attempt to alter the sexual orientation or gender identity of people who identify as LGBT

Gay Sex No Longer Punishable By Death In Sudan

Sudan has repealed the death penalty for people who engage in consensual sex with a person of the same sex

HRC Applauds Decriminalization Of Gay Sex In Gabon

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation's largest LGBT rights advocate, has applauded Gabon for its decision to decriminalize gay sex

Montenegro Legalizes Same-Sex Civil Partnerships

Lawmakers in Montenegro have legalized same-sex civil partnerships, making Montenegro the first country in the Balkans to offer such recognition

Gabon Votes To Decriminalize Gay Sex

Gabon lawmakers have approved a bill that seeks to decriminalize gay sex in the African nation

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