Arkansas Seeks Stay In Gay Couples' Birth Certificate Ruling

The Arkansas Department of Health has asked a judge to stay his ruling ordering the agency to record the names of both spouses in a same-sex marriage on the birth certificates of their children

Cyprus Approves Civil Unions Bill For Gay Couples

The Cyprus House of Representatives on Thursday approved a much-anticipated civil unions bill

Mexican Top Court Strikes Down Jalisco's Gay Marriage Ban

The First Chamber of the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice on Wednesday struck down an article of civil code in the state of Jalisco that prohibited gay couples from marrying

Message Of Famous Footwear Ad Featuring Gay Dads: Family Matters Most

The message behind a new Famous Footwear commercial that features two dads is that family matters most

One-Third Of Doctors Unaware Of HIV Prevention Drug Truvada

According to federal health officials, one-third of primary care doctors and nurses in the U.S. are unaware of Truvada

Marco Rubio Says Gay Marriage Ruling Can Be Ignored Because It Conflicts With 'God's Rules'

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio on Wednesday said that rulings that conflict with 'God's rules' can be ignored

Linda Harvey Laments Dwindling Shopping Options For Anti-Gay Activists

Christian conservative Linda Harvey on Tuesday lamented the dwindling shopping options for activists such as herself who boycott pro-LGBT businesses

AIDS 2015: 16 Million On HIV Treatment; New HIV Infections Falling

A week before World AIDS Day, UNAIDS, the United Nations AIDS program, offered some encouraging news

End Times Preacher Links Gay Marriage To Paris Attacks

Appearing Monday on The Jim Bakker Show, End Times preacher Jonathan Cahn called the Paris terrorist attacks part of God's wrath on a nation over marriage equality

Kevin Swanson: Homosexuality 'Destroys Nations'

Pastor Kevin Swanson of Generations with Vision Ministry claimed last week that homosexuality 'destroys nations'

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