Sarah McBride To DNC Delegates: 'I Am A Proud Transgender American'

Democratic National Convention (DNC) delegates gathering in Philadelphia on Thursday welcomed the first openly transgender person to speak at a major party convention

Chelsea Clinton Blasts GOP Platform's Opposition To LGBT Rights

Chelsea Clinton on Wednesday criticized Republicans for ratifying a party platform opposed to LGBT rights

Democrats Ratify Party's Most LGBT-Inclusive Platform

This year's Democratic platform is being called the most LGBT-inclusive in the party's 188-year history

Marco Rubio To Speak At Event Alongside Anti-Gay Activists

Florida Senator Marco Rubio will next month speak at an event alongside numerous anti-LGBT activists

Mother Of Orlando Victim Tells DNC Delegates That 'Love Trumps Hate' Was In Son's DNA

The mother of one of the Orlando victims made an emotional appeal for greater gun control during a speech Wednesday at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia

OUT Hotel To Close After Owners Hosted Ted Cruz Fundraiser

The OUT Hotel in New York City has been sold and will no longer cater to the LGBT community

At Donald Trump Rally, Pat McCrory Ridicules Transgender Rights

At a Donald Trump rally in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Governor Pat McCrory fired up the crowd by suggesting that transgender rights pose a danger to the public

GLAAD To Honor Marc Benioff For His LGBT Rights Activism

GLAAD will honor Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of Salesforce, at its upcoming gala in San Francisco, the group announced on Tuesday

North Carolina's Bill Defending Anti-Gay Law Tops $176,000

Fees for attorneys defending North Carolina's controversial law that targets the LGBT community have reached more than $176,000, according to the AP

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