Facebook Apologizes For Forcing Drag Queens, Others To Use Real Names

Facebook on Wednesday apologized for forcing drag queens and others to use their real names on the social network

Former Charlotte Pastor Says He Would Love His Gay Child

A former pastor says he's overwhelmed by the positive response to a blog post he wrote in support of his future possibly gay children

Burrito Boycott Launched Against Mexican Church Behind March Against Gay Marriage

Gay rights activists in Mexico have launched a boycott on social media against the evangelical church behind a march against gay marriage

Tony Perkins Claims Gay Marriage Leads To 'Deadly Consequences' For Christians

Christian conservative Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council (FRC), has warned of 'deadly consequences' for Christians who oppose marriage equality

Brazil Presidential Candidate Levy Fidelix Claims Gays 'Need Psychological Care'

Levy Fidelix, a fringe presidential candidate in Brazil, used his time during a television debate to deliver a homophobic rant

Mark Ruffalo Withdraws Support For Marina Silva Over Her Opposition To Gay Marriage

Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo has withdrawn his support for Brazil presidential candidate Marina Silva

Mexican Bishop Claims Allowing Gay Couples To Marry Will Lead To Man-Dog Unions

Jose Maria de la Torre Martin, the bishop of the Diocese of Aguascalientes, Mexico, found himself in hot water after criticizing a proposed state law that seeks to allow gay couples to marry

Matt Barber Honored To Be 'Hater' Called By God To Tell Gays HIV Is Punishment For Sin

Matt Barber said in a column over the weekend that he's honored to be a 'hater' called by God to tell gays HIV is punishment for the sin of homosexuality