Rick Scott Won't Say Whether Florida's Gay Marriage Ban Discriminates

FL Gov. Rick Scott reiterated his opposition to marriage equality during a televised debate last week against Democratic challenger Charlie Crist

North Carolina County Approves Resolution Opposing Gay Marriage

A North Carolina county on Monday approved a resolution criticizing the recent federal ruling that legalized marriage for gay couples in the state

Gay Couples Begin Exchanging Vows In Wyoming

Wyoming officials on Tuesday began issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples

Two Couples Challenge Mississippi's Ban On Gay Marriage

Two lesbian couples on Monday challenged Mississippi's ban on gay marriage in federal court

Pat Robertson: Supreme Court Forcing 'Onslaught Of Homosexual Behavior'

In advising an Idaho couple who do not wish to marry gay couples, televangelist Pat Robertson accused the Supreme Court of forcing an 'onslaught of homosexual behavior'

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback Vows To Defend State's Gay Marriage Ban

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has reiterated his opposition to gay marriage and vowed to defend the state's ban on such unions

Gay Couples Can Begin Marrying In Wyoming On Tuesday

Gay and lesbian couples can begin marrying in Wyoming on Tuesday morning

Pope Francis After Bishops Drop Welcome To Gays: God's Not Afraid Of New Things

Pope Francis on Sunday told an assembly of bishops at the Vatican who scrapped language welcoming gays to the Roman Catholic faith not to fear change