Poll: 2 Million People In Same-Sex Marriages, Domestic Partnerships

A Gallup poll released Friday found that more gay couples are in a marriage or domestic partnership than previously thought

Democrat Responds To GOP's Anti-Gay Marriage Bill With Bid To 'Restrain' Lawmaker

Out Congressman Jared Polis, a Democrat from Colorado, has responded to a Republican's anti-gay marriage bill with a proposal to 'restrain' him

Gay Marriage Foes March Ahead Of Supreme Court Hearing

Opponents of marriage equality marched on the Mall on Saturday, just days before the Supreme Court hears a case challenging gay marriage bans in four states

Ted Cruz Reiterates Opposition To Gay Marriage

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has reiterated his opposition to gay marriage after a 'The New York Times' report suggested he had softened his stance on the issue

Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee Vow To Defy Ruling Striking Down Gay Marriage Bans

Possible GOP presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee are among those who signed a pledge to defy a Supreme Court ruling striking down state bans on gay marriage

Ted Cruz Says He Would Love His Daughter If She Were Gay

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, attended an event at the apartment of two gay hoteliers

Mike Huckabee: Gay Marriage Will Lead To The 'Criminalization Of Christianity'

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee on Thursday claimed that gay marriage will lead to the 'criminalization of Christianity'

Franklin Graham Criticizes Coming Out Of Marvel's Iceman

Christian conservative Franklin Graham has criticized the coming out story of Marvel's Iceman