In a recent interview, out singer-songwriter Troye Sivan said that being queer is “almost cool” for artists.

The 23-year-old Sivan's sophomore album, Bloom, arrives August 31. He also appears in the upcoming film Boy Erased.

Speaking with NewNowNext, Sivan was asked whether it's “getting better to be an LGBTQ artist in the industry today?”

“One thing that’s surprised me about all of [my success] is how quickly it’s all happened,” Sivan said. “It’s been incredible to be embraced by people in the industry and also the fans. And I absolute love seeing the rise of other queer artists like Kim [Petras] and others. It’s almost become cool to be queer, which is great.”

“My hope is that fans and the industry keeps embracing diverse artists, but that no one is reduced to their sexuality or their queer-identity. But as long as everyone’s hearts are in the right place, I’m optimistic about where things are headed. And I don’t take for granted the platform I have to be a voice for marginalized youth,” he added.

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On Boy Erased, in which a young man is forced to attend an “ex-gay” camp after he's outed to his conservative parents, Sivan said that he “never wanted anything so bad as I wanted this role.”

“I’m thrilled to see more of these movies [including The Miseducation of Cameron Post] coming out because the queer community is diverse, and it’s important for queer people to see a diversity of stories out there they can connect to to see themselves and understand themselves,” Sivan added.

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