In a recent interview, out Australian singer-songwriter Troye Sivan explained why he prefers not to be labeled a gay icon.

Sivan, 22, has been outspoken in identifying as a gay man and in his advocacy for LGBT rights.

Speaking with Another Man, Sivan said that he would “politely” decline the role of gay icon.

“With people like Hayley Kiyoko and Brockhampton, we’re starting to get, finally, a diverse group of different LGBTQ perspectives,” Sivan said. “That’s why I politely don’t want to take on that ‘gay icon’ thing. I’m one voice of so many that are missing, and so I’m just trying to tell my story.”

“I come from a middle-class white family in Australia, and all of my dreams have come true by 22,” Sivan continued. “I had the easiest coming out in the world … I don't ever want to take that on really, because there are plenty of other people who need to be heard first.”

Sivan came out gay in a 2013 YouTube video.

The LGBT community is “a hugely complex, nuanced, massive group of people, and there's so many stories to tell,” he added.

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