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Neil Gorsuch: Gay Marriage Is Settled Law But Questions Remain About Its Scope

At his Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday, Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch refused to discuss his personal views on marriage equality

Joe Biden Criticizes Trump's Decision To Revoke Transgender Protections

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday criticized the Trump administration's decision to revoke guidance protecting transgender students

Suze Orman On Trump's Budget: Denied

Out financial guru Suze Orman this week came out against President Donald Trump's proposed 2018 budget, saying that it 'takes away vital financial help' for many Americans

Jussie Smollett Sends Message To Trump In 'F**ked Up World'

In his latest video, Fucked Up World, out actor-singer Jussie Smollett sends a powerful message to President Donald Trump

Republican Lawmaker Charged With Child Prostitution Surrenders To Authorities

Oklahoma state Senator Ralph Shortey on Thursday turned himself in to authorities who have charged him with child prostitution

Tyler Oakley: Trump Is All Talk On LGBT Rights

YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley says he wants to see concrete actions on LGBT rights from President Donald Trump

At SXSW, Lee Daniels Talks 'Pain' Of Trump Election; Escaping HIV

Appearing Sunday at SXSW, out director Lee Daniel described the election of President Donald Trump as painful

NOM Urges Trump To Sign Anti-LGBT Executive Order

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) on Thursday released a video urging President Donald Trump to sign a rumored order on 'religious freedom'

Trump Admin Signals It Will Drop Out Of Case Challenging North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Law

The Trump administration has signaled it will drop out of a case challenging North Carolina's House Bill 2

Dustin Lance Black: Trump Administration Bullying Transgender Students

Dustin Lance Black, the creator of When We Rise, has called on President Donald Trump to protect transgender students

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