In a new interview, Jesse James Keitel talked about her empowering sex scene in Peacock's Queer as Folk reboot.

In the LGBTQ series, Keitel plays Ruthie, a transgender teacher in a relationship with Shar (played by CG), who is non-binary.

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Speaking with UK glossy Attitude, Keitel said that she was “proud” of her sex scene with CG.

“I've never been prouder of anything in my life,” she said.

"I hope that scene has an impact on people who may look at people with similar bodies to me with disdain, lust, hatred, admiration, confusion, whatever… I hope people can say: ‘That was an emotional, impactful, empowering sex scene with someone who happens to be trans.’ Or: ‘I see myself in that.’”

“When the question was first posed to me of whether I’d entertain the idea of doing that scene, I always said: ‘For the right role, project and scene, I’d do it.’ I thought: ‘The only thing stopping me is my own discomfort with something.’”

“But I was like: ‘I love my body. You’re only 28 once!’ It took a long time for me to love my body, the one I walk around in every day, as a trans woman, and not feel shame about it. So often in the media, we’re made to feel shame around trans bodies. When in reality I love my body and being trans,” she said.

Queer as Folk is streaming now on Peacock.