Steve Blackman, The Umbrella Academy's showrunner, has said that he's proud of Elliot Page's transition storyline on the show's third season.

Page came out as transgender in 2020.

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Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Blackman said that the scripts for the show's third season were finished when Page came out publicly.

“I had already finished the season, the writers were gone, scripts were finished and I got a call from Elliot one day saying, 'I'm transitioning,'” Blackman said. “I was very happy for him.”

“I didn't want to hang a lantern on it and make it the sob story of the season. We all agreed that we wanted it to be something that just happened and let the family react to it. That was the hard balance to find that.”

Blackman said that he “did not know a lot about what it is to be transgender” or “how to tell that story.”

Blackman enlisted the help of GLAAD Vice President Nick Adams and transgender author Thomas Page McBee to guide him on crafting Page's storyline.

“I'm really proud of what we did, but it was definitely collaborative. I needed both of them to really help guide me,” Blackman said.

Blackman added that Page didn't demand any changes.

Season three of The Umbrella Academy is streaming now on Netflix.