In a recent interview, out British actor Ben Whishaw said that he's “all for” LGBTQ actors playing LGBTQ roles.

Whishaw is currently promoting his upcoming BBC series This Is Going to Hurt. In the show, which is set in London in 2006, he plays a gay doctor “whose experience of coming out to others is a protracted thing that creates continuing ripple effects through his adult life.”

“I think it’s really interesting what happens to you if you grow up thinking there’s something wrong with you because you’re attracted to a certain thing,” he told The Guardian. “That takes a lot of time and understanding to get over. And understanding doesn’t just arrive because you’ve been explicit and open to other people.”

“The equating of homosexuality with weakness – it’s taken a long time for me to understand there’s no reason why it should be anything of the sort. Honestly? I feel like I’m only starting to conquer that now.”

“I definitely remember feeling, for me at least, that it was much less easy to be tactile with a gay partner [in 2006]. It’s still amazing to me that a display of affection between two men could be so distressing that someone would throw things, or tell me to ‘find a fucking room,'” he said.

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When asked about Eddie Redmayne's portrayal of Lili Elbe, a transgender pioneer, in the 2015 film The Danish Girl, Whishaw, who appeared in the film, praised Redmayne's performance but added that he's “all for” a transgender actor taking such parts.

"Going forward, there will be other films in which the role is given to someone who lived that experience,” Whishaw, 41, said.

"Why shouldn’t a role like that be given to someone who knows, inside, what the character is? I’m all for that. I feel the same, sometimes, about straight actors playing gay parts. I’m critical if I don’t think the performance is, from my subjective experience, accurate."

“[E]ven a small moment of hesitation or inauthenticity will block my engagement with the whole story. So I understand these questions,” he added.

Redmayne has since called his participation in the film a “mistake.”