In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, out singer-songwriter Adam Lambert said that he's looking for a long-term relationship.

The 38-year-old Lambert split from Jaci Costa Polo in November after dating six months.

He told the outlet that he wants a long-term relationship.

“That's what I want in the long run, once the circumstances can support it,” Lambert said. “Deep down I am a romantic, but I am so busy traveling with work that it's hard to make permanent connections.”

Lambert said that he treats found love connections with “the utmost respect, but a lot of them are temporary.” “That's just my life. I like to stay in touch to see if we can build a friendship and maybe see each other again,” he added.

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When asked how he's anti-traditional, Lambert said that he “doesn't know” about marriage and kids.

“I don't know about marriage and kids – I don't think you have to get married to prove your commitment to somebody. Right now I don't have enough time for kids. If I had a child, I would want to have one with a partner and want to be as selfless as possible,” he said.