Out singer-songwriter Adam Lambert released Velvet, his fourth studio album, on Friday.

In an interview with UK alternative Metro, Lambert described Velvet as his most “queer” album to date.

“When I started like a decade ago, it was very much a business of gatekeepers,” Lambert said of the music industry. “You had to sort of play by a certain framework in order to be afforded the opportunity to be played on the radio and to sort of have business support.”

“And one of the great things now is we’re in a time where, because of streaming, you’re really having a direct line to your audience. And those certain social taboos are fading.”

“So I think we're in a time where it's much more accepted. It's much more open, people understand that there's different walks of life in music, and that there's different fans everywhere. So I'm really thankful for that freedom,” he added.

Lambert also said that he would “sign up” to play British singer George Michael in a film about the out artist's life. Michael died in 2016 at the age of 53.

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“I'd like to see a George Michael biopic,” Lambert said.

“I think that would be very interesting. That'd be cool. I just feel like we don't know that much about him. You know, to me, it would be great to kind of explore George's life,” he added.

Lambert's 13-track Velvet topped Billboard's new music release poll, with about 50 percent of respondents saying it was their favorite new release from this week.