Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican, has introduced legislation that seeks to force Hollywood to stop editing movie scenes for Chinese consumers.

The Script Act would not allow Hollywood studios to use military equipment in their movies unless executives stop censoring movies for China.

Appearing on Fox News to discuss his bill, Cruz pointed to an edit in Bohemian Rhapsody that left out that Queen singer Freddie Mercury slept with men.

“[Chinese officials] have really bullied Hollywood and Hollywood producers roll over about it,” host Maria Bartiromo said.

“It really is tragic that Hollywood has been willing to, over and over again, to kowtow to Chinese communists and let the Chinese government censor American movies,” Cruz said.

“How do you tell the story of Bohemian Rhapsody and not say that Freddie was gay?” Bartiromo asked.

“You don’t,” Cruz answered. “But Hollywood was more than happy to edit the scene out. They did it because the Chinese government didn’t want to acknowledge that Freddy Mercury was homosexual. Look, that’s a huge part of the story!”

“The problem is Hollywood is more interested in making millions of dollars from the Chinese market than they are in free speech, than they are in artistic integrity,” he added.

It should be noted that Cruz is vocally opposed to LGBT rights, in particular same-sex marriage, and that his father, Rafael Cruz, a preacher, is homophobic.

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