RuPaul Charles, the host of RuPaul's Drag Race, opens up about his childhood in an online lecture for Masterclass.

RuPaul's Masterclass is 16 lessons, each about 12 minutes.

In a trailer for the series, RuPaul said that viewers will learn about drag and “everything it takes to unleash the magic that makes you, you.”

In the fifth lesson, titled “Seeing Yourself,” RuPaul discusses the “shame, trauma, and hard emotions that many people carry with them.”

“My childhood was very tumultuous and traumatic,” RuPaul says. “My parents were always at war so my thinking was, 'This is all too much for me. Just wake me when it's done.' Until I realized, you know what, I want to be present for my life.”

“And it forced me to understand my own value. Everything starts with know thyself, know what works with you. You have to be present enough to know what feels right,” he says.

RuPaul also stars in the Netflix comedy AJ and the Queen.