Streaming giant Netflix on Wednesday released its first trailer for its upcoming comedy AJ and the Queen starring RuPaul Charles, host of VH1's RuPaul's Drag Race.

In the series, RuPaul plays Ruby Red, a hapless drag queen who lives in a rundown R/V with AJ, a recently orphaned 10-year-old. The pair are forced to travel from city to city, with Ruby performing each night in a different drag club, after Ruby's plan to start her own club falls apart when she is swindled out of her life savings.

“AJ and Ruby must find a way to navigate through tough times as they learn a few tricks from one another and roll on to brighter days,” the show's description states.

AJ and the Queen is written by RuPaul and Michael Patrick King, who co-created 2 Broke Girls and executive produced Sex and the City.

Netflix has reportedly ordered 10 episodes of the series, which will debut on January 10.