Christian conservative group One Million Moms is calling on the Hallmark Channel not to produce LGBT movies.

Recently, the network said that it was “open” to producing movies with same-sex couples.

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One Million Moms has launched a petition asking Hallmark not to force “tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality” with its programming.

“Parents need to know they could now come face-to-face with the LGBT agenda when they sit down to watch the Hallmark Channel,” the group's Monica Cole wrote. “Family entertainment is not the outlet in which to be politically correct by forcing tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality – a sinful lifestyle that Scripture clearly deems as wrong. You can read so in Romans 1:18-32.”

“One Million Moms is asking Hallmark to stay true to its family friendly roots that so many families have grown to love, and to keep sex and sexual content – including the promotion of homosexuality – out of its programming. Please sign our petition asking Hallmark to do what is right and reject airing movies and commercials with LGBT content!”

One Million Moms is staunchly opposed to same-sex relationships and has been critical of companies and brands that reach out to the LGBT community, including GAP, DC Comics, Oreos, Amazon, Tylenol, Chobani, Macy's, Campbell's, and Disney Channel.