In a recent interview, Bill Abbott, CEO of Crown Media Family Networks, which owns the Hallmark Channel, said that Hallmark is “open” to making gay Christmas movies.

During the Christmas season, the cable network broadcasts two dozen original Christmas movies around the clock. Its “Countdown to Christmas” movie marathon largely excludes LGBT characters and has no gay leads.

"In terms of broadening out the demographic, it’s something we’re always thinking about, always considering and we’ll continue to make the movies where the best scripts are delivered to us and what we think have the most potential,” Abbott told The Hollywood Reporter podcast TV's Top 5.

“Where are the same-sex movies?” Abbott was asked. “Have you talked about incorporating stories about same-sex couples at Christmas?”

“We're open to really any type of movie of any type of relationship,” Abbott answered.

Abbott added that incorporating inclusive holiday content isn't “easy.”

“The reality is when you produce as much content as we do – which is 100 movies a year, five original primetime series, a daytime lifestyle show that’s two hours a day, 52 weeks a year basically live to tape … and countless specials – there’s only so much time in the day," Abbott said. "And while we want to put on and we believe that we do create content that is beloved really throughout the country it’s not always the easiest process to make every situation fit the mold for every individual who even wants to work with us or wants to watch a certain segment of the audience on our channel."