Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican, has described parents who support their transgender kids as “child abusers.”

Cruz, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, made his comments following a Dallas jury's decision to award sole managing conservatorship of Luna Younger, a 7-year-old transgender child, to her mother, Anne Georgulas, who supports her child's transition. The father, Jeff Younger, did not affirm his child's gender. He argued that transitioning would not be in the child's best interest.

“This is horrifying & tragic,” Cruz said in a tweet. “For a parent to subject such a young child to life-altering hormone blockers to medically transition their sex is nothing less than child abuse.”

Cruz is a staunch proponent of laws that prohibit transgender individuals from using the bathroom of their choice.

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Republican Governor Greg Abbott said in a tweet that the state would investigate the matter.

“FYI the matter of 7 year old James Younger is being looked into by the Texas Attorney General's Office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services,” Abbott wrote, referring to Luna Younger.

Other conservative lawmakers in the state also criticized the decision, including Representative Matt Krause, who said he would introduce legislation that prohibits the use of puberty blockers.

Judge Kim Cooks ruled that both parents have a say in their child's medical decisions and ordered the father not to publicly discuss the case, The Texan reported.