Caitlyn Jenner told The New York Times this week that she was disappointed with Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz's support for transgender bathroom bills.

Cruz last week attacked rival Donald Trump's assertion that transgender people have a right to use the bathroom of their choice.

“If Donald Trump dresses up as Hillary Clinton, he still can't go to the girls' bathroom,” Cruz said Sunday at a campaign event.

“When you deal with people who are repulsive perverts and criminals – there are some bad people in the world and we shouldn't be facilitating putting little girls alone in the bathroom with grown, adult men,” he said on Thursday. “That is just a bad, bad, bad idea.”

On Tuesday, Jenner answered questions during a Facebook Live event while visiting the Academy for Young Writers in Brooklyn. The school is a model for creating a safe space for LGBT students.

Jenner, a Republican who previously said that she would like to serve as “trans ambassador” in a Cruz administration, refused to say which candidate she would be voting for in California's upcoming GOP primary.

Jenner said that laws that prohibit transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice could lead to an increase in suicide rates among transgender teens.

“It's tough enough growing up,” Jenner told columnist Nicholas Kristof as they stood outside a gender neutral restroom. “They have gender issues. They have identity issues. And then thrown on top of that, they don't even feel welcome by the state. It is just overwhelming for them. And we would lose more kids than what's happening in the bathroom. To me that's where the real issue is.”

On Cruz, Jenner said that she was “disappointed” by his stance on the issue but added he could come around.

“You're hoping that Ted Cruz is educable on …,” Kristof started.

“Yes, they just need to be educated on it. They're really putting kids at risk. They think they're saving people,” Jenner answered.

Jenner also endorsed boycotting the state of North Carolina over its controversial law that prohibits transgender people in public buildings, including schools, from using the bathroom they identify with.

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