In a recent PEOPLE interview, actor Juan Pablo Di Pace talked about his recent coming out.

The 39-year-old actor is best known in the United States for playing the role of Fernando, Kimmy Gibbler's estranged husband, on Netflix's Fuller House, a spin-off series of Full House. Di Pace, who was born in Buenos Aires, began his acting career in the United Kingdom. He also is known for playing Nicolas Trevino in the TNT drama Dallas.

He announced he's gay during a recently uploaded Ted Talk titled “The Story of Your Life.”

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Di Pace told PEOPLE that he's been out to “the most important people” in his life for 20 years.

“In the work life, public life, it just felt like I was still omitting a piece of information because there was some kind of shame or fear there, and so, I saw this as an opportunity to also heal myself,” Di Pace said.

“It has to do with culture, the country, the families, there's places in this country that it's still not cool – places like Middle Eastern countries where you can get killed like it's not a done deal. It's not fixed yet,” he said.

Di Pace added that his parents, who are Catholic, at first “weren't on board with it, because they thought it was not natural,” but have since come around.

“My parents are everything to me and to see the growth in them, it's a beautiful, beautiful development,” he said.