Actor Juan Pablo Di Pace has come out gay.

Di Pace made his announcement during a recently uploaded Ted Talk titled “The Story of Your Life.”

The 39-year-old actor is best known in the United States for playing the role of Fernando, Kimmy Gibbler's estranged husband, on Netflix's Fuller House, a spin-off series of Full House. Di Pace, who was born in Buenos Aires, began his acting career in the United Kingdom. He also is known for playing Nicolas Trevino in the TNT drama Dallas.

During his Ted Talk, which was recorded in March at a TedX event, Di Pace said that he struggled with his sexuality and was bullied by other kids growing up. He said that he tried to fit in to gain acceptance.

“Acceptance was my fuel, and when that is the case, like an addict, you do whatever it takes to get a fix,” he said. “I figured, if I changed my faggot self, I could be in.”

He added that playing Jesus in the miniseries A.D. The Bible Continues lead to a crisis about his sexuality.

“So there I am, hanging on the cross in Morocco, and I look up at the sky, and I think, ‘You could still strike me down with lightning. Are you sure you want me to play your son? Me?'” said Di Pace, a Catholic. “I waited. Nothing happened. I was not struck by lightning. Instead, what I felt was an overwhelming feeling of love and acceptance and freedom that I could never even put into words. A message from God? Maybe. Words are like universes and we are musicians who can create universes with them.”