Out tennis great Martina Navratilova sent President Donald Trump a message on Tuesday as she played a legends doubles match at Wimbledon.

According to The New York Times' Ben Rothenberg, Navratilova wore a hat emblazoned with the word “IMPEACH” on the court until an official asked her to take it off.

“Sorry about that,” she said. “Forgot I had it on.”

Navratilova has previously tweeted about her “IMPEACH” hat.

“So I drove across central Florida all day yesterday,” Navratilova, who lives in Miami, wrote last month, “with my IMPEACH hat on and it got me wondering. Why at trump rallies most people wear the #magahats but I never see them in 'public.' Are they all in the closet except for when they are in the majority, full of themselves?”

Navratilova has also been vocal about her support for LGBT rights. In 2012, she wore a rainbow outfit at the Australian Open while playing at Margaret Court Arena to protest homophobic remarks made by Margaret Court, Australia's greatest tennis player and a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage.

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