Australian tennis great Margaret Court warned this week that allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry will lead to the end of Christmas.

The Australian government is spending an estimated $122 million on a postal survey which asks, “Do you support a change in the law to allow same-sex couples to marry?” Participation in the survey is non-compulsory and the results are not binding.

Court, who amassed more major tennis titles than any other player, is currently a Christian minister in Perth and an outspoken opponent of marriage equality.

In an interview with The West Australian, Court explained that gay people want the right to marry in order to destroy the institution of marriage.

“We already have 36,000 gay couples in this nation, that's not a lot of people when you think about the 25 million,” Court said. “They already have civil unions. They want marriage because they want to destroy it.”

“It's not about marriage. It will affect Christian schools. It will affect freedom of speech.”

“There will be no Mother's Day. There will be no Father's Day. There will be no Easter. There will be no Christmas,” she added.

Results of the vote are set to be announced on November 15.