In a Page Six video, Lance Bass says that he and husband Michael Turchin are ready to become dads in 2019.

Bass, 39, and Turchin married in 2014. They revealed fatherhood plans in April and announced that they had picked a surrogate in June.

“The most surprising part about the surrogacy process was how long this takes,” Lance told Page Six. “We had several friends going through this and it took a little while but I think we’ve broken the record for how many donors we’ve gone through. We’re on donor number six right now and we don’t even know if that one’s gonna work. So, it has been a lot longer than I thought.”

“You would think I would get so many offers for eggs but not many people have come to me with their eggs! I think I'm going to have to tweet it out right now!” he said.

“But, hey, here's to a 2019 baby,” he added, fingers crossed.

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