During an appearance on NBC's TODAY, singer Lance Bass said that one of the reasons he married Michael Turchin is that he knew he'd be a “great dad.”

Bass, 39, and Turchin, 31, married in 2014 in California.

Last month, the men revealed their plans to start a family.

“We are super excited,” Bass said during his appearance. “We love the idea of having a family. That's one of the reasons I wanted to marry this man, because I know he'll be such a great dad.”

“This is the year we're putting it all together. We finally found our surrogate. Now we're looking for our egg donor. It's an intriguing experience.”

“The surrogate is amazing,” Bass said. “And for her to give us that gift … it's just so special.”

“We were just at Disney World, and all I could think about was, I can't wait for our kids to be here with us!” Bass added.

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