Social conservative Franklin Graham said in a Facebook post this week that he's tired of the media's “vicious attacks” on President Donald Trump.

Graham, son of the late televangelist Billy Graham and a Trump supporter, said that he was “tired of all the fighting in Washington” and blamed the media for questioning the president.

“I’m tired of all the fighting in Washington. You can’t turn on the news or read the headlines online without being overwhelmed by all of the political squabbling (to put it mildly). The news media are so vicious and relentless in their fault finding and their attacks on the president. It’s just sickening,” Graham wrote.

“We have the potential for so much good and so much progress for our nation, but Washington is squandering it away over political agendas. I’m thankful that I have put my faith and trust in God who never grows weary and is never shut down, no matter what the problems are,” he added.

Graham is a vocal opponent of LGBT rights.

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