Christian conservative Franklin Graham has warned that gay drama Moonlight is part of “Hollywood's dark plan” to normalize “sin.”

Moonlight, which follows an African-American man (played by Trevante Rhodes) who struggles to come out gay over three periods of his life while growing up in a rough neighborhood of Miami, won the Oscar for Best Picture at Sunday's Academy Awards. La La Land, considered a favorite, was first mistakenly announced as the winner.

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In a Facebook post, Graham, who gave the benediction, or closing prayer, at President Donald Trump's inauguration, suggested that the mix-up was a PR stunt, and warned followers to keep young people from viewing the film.

“This weekend’s #Oscars had a big mix-up that we keep hearing about in the media, and some are even speculating that it may have been just a PR stunt,” Graham wrote. “I don’t know about that, but either way, many who had never heard of the film Moonlight, which received best picture, have heard of it now. From the reviews I have read, Moonlight portrays a young gay African American coming of age and it stereotypes him as violent, a drug dealer, and a convict.”

“Hollywood is notorious for glorifying sin. This is just another example of the LGBT’s agenda to make lifestyle choices that God defines as sin seem more and more culturally acceptable. I warn families and the church – don’t allow your young people to be sucked into Hollywood’s dark plan. We love all people, but we have to be honest about sin’s consequences. Sin is sin – it doesn’t matter if it gets an Oscar or not,” he added.