Comedian Sarah Silverman told TMZ that she's done using the word “gay” in her comedy.

The 48-year-old Silverman is a strong supporter of LGBT rights. But she's also faced criticism for using the term in her comedy.

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“Are you done saying anything that could be perceived as homophobic?” TMZ asked.

“Yeah, I'm done with that,” Silverman replied. “I think I can find other ways to be funny. I used to say gay all the time. Oh, that's so gay. We're from Boston. That's what we say in Boston. I have gay friends. I just say gay.”

“Then I heard myself and I realized I was like the guy who says, What? I say colored. I have colored friends. And I realized it was stupid. And I'm certainly creative enough to think of other words besides that, that don't hurt people. But I fuck up all the time,” she added.

Last week, as Kevin Hart faced a backlash for using the word “fag” in old tweets, musician and actor Nick Cannon questioned why other comics who used the word had not faced a similar fate. Cannon used Silverman, Amy Schumer and Chelsea Handler – three white women – as examples.

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