Sarah Silverman has said she's looking for an apology from gay marriage foes.

Speaking to reporters at Sunday's Tribeca Film Festival screening of Take This Waltz, Silverman, 41, eagerly discussed a non-sexual nude shower scene she shares in the film with co-star Michelle Williams.

“The actual day wasn't bad,” The Hollywood Reporter quoted Silverman as saying. “It was very supportive and you forget it once you do it, but the morning leading up to it, I overgroomed.”

“You never see nudity that is not in a sexual way, so this is that. And I'm in it and ego-wise it's horrifying, but if I can take myself out of it, I think it's amazing. It's jarring. It's genuinely jarring because it's not funny, it's not sad, it's not dramatic, it's kind of every day life.”

Gay marriage, she said, “is something that Newark Mayor Cory Booker said it best: Some things are not meant to be a vote. Some things are a right. And if things like that were left for a vote, he said, I wouldn't be where I am today – meaning anything that is civil rights. Because people don't always know what's best. Their fears keep them from being open and being fair. And so that would just be not up for a vote.”

“Gay marriage, legal, with a big fucking apology for the past few years,” she added.