Four police officers are facing charges in connection with the death of Zak Kostopoulos, a Greek LGBT activist and drag performer.

The 33-year-old Kostopoulos died from an apparent heart attack earlier this year on his way to the hospital after he was beaten by two men who thought he was robbing a jewelry store in an Athens shopping district.

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According to PinkNews, four police officers, identified through surveillance footage, allegedly beat Kostopoulos while he was on the ground before arresting him.

Police claimed that Kostopoulos was a drug addict who was wielding a knife, but an autopsy failed to find drugs in his system and video footage shows police officers holding the knife.

Kostopoulos was HIV positive and a member of Positive Voice, a group that works to reduce stigma associated with the disease. He performed drag under the name “Zackie Oh.”

“His life was far from easy,” friend and journalist Christina Michalou told PinkNews. “Many times people would not shake his hand or would even avoid being in the same room with him because they thought they could get AIDS by breathing the same air or touching him. We always admired him for his strength.”

The officers face charges of inflicting harm resulting in death.