Zak Kostopoulos, a Greek LGBT activist and drag performer, died Friday after a brutal attack in an Athens shopping district.

According to NBC News, two men have been arrested in connection with Kostopoulos' death but details remain unclear.

Video of the incident surfaced on social media, though police have yet to confirm its authenticity.

In the grainy video, a person who could be Kostopoulos is seen attempting to escape a locked jewelry store, first by smashing its glass door with a fire extinguisher, then by crawling through a broken window. As he makes his way out of the store, two men repeatedly kick him in the head as a mob looks on. Police also appear to kick the man, and at least one additional person is seen throwing an object at him. He tries to flee but is quickly surrounded by police as he stumbles over several tables and chairs in a food court. Police carry him away in a stretcher.

Police said that Kostopoulos died on the way to the hospital. A forensic report released Monday was inconclusive.

“[The body] did not bear injuries that justify death,” Nikos Kalogrias, one of the coroners, told Athens-based news outlet Kathimerini. “He has some bruises across his body – small injuries which alone do not cause death – so we continue with further laboratory examinations.”

The two men seen kicking Kostopoulos in the video have been arrested. They are the owner of the jewelry store and the owner of a nearby business.

Conflicting reports about the circumstances surrounding the incident have been reported. One claims that Kostopoulos was armed with a knife and trying to rob the jewelry store, while another alleges that he ran into the jewelry store to escape a brawl that had erupted.

Kostopoulos performed in drag under the stage name “Zackie Oh.” He also helped raise awareness about HIV through the group Positive Voice.

Around 500 people attended a protest rally on Saturday in honor of Kostopoulos.