GoFundMe on Thursday, National Coming Out Day, launched a centralized hub to help the transgender community.

In a statement, the company said that the hub would enable transgender people to quickly fundraise for their gender confirmation surgery.

Skyler Jay, the first transgender person to be featured in an episode of Netflix's Queer Eye, said that he found support on GoFundMe.

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β€œIt can be really hard to talk about my private medical information, not to mention asking for money," said Skyler Jay, "But what I found by telling my story through my GoFundMe campaign was that I learned I had an incredibly supportive community that would help me all along my journey. I knew that – no matter what – they were going to have my back and I was going to get the medical attention and financial help I needed. I am so grateful for the new family I have found by being brave and bold throughout this process.”

GoFundMe said that in the last year it had helped raise over $100,000 to support gender confirmation surgery around the world.

GoFundMe's centralized hub features success stories and highlights current fundraisers. It also offers critical information on crowdfunding for the transgender community.