In an interview with them, Skyler Jay, Queer Eye's first transgender subject, talked about his experience on the reality show.

Skyler, who was featured in the show's second season fifth episode, “Sky's the Limit,” said he's mostly been recovering from surgeries in the year since the show's filming.

“It’s been almost a year since we did the original filming for the show and when I had my initial surgery, which was aired in the episode,” Skyler said. “I’ve had some procedures since then as well. So really, between filming and the show airing, my life has been focused on paying for those additional surgery costs and recovering. I just got off my medical restrictions yesterday, so a good portion of my year has been spent healing.”

“Knowing what you did about the target audience, was the 'Trans 101' approach with the Fab 5 and the show on purpose?” them asked.

“I would say yes, but I went Trans 101 – and then went into extra-advanced trans education with the guys and the cast and crew,” Skyler answered. “I think it’s just how editing made it come out. That conversation Tan and I had was about two hours on the couch. We talked about pronouns, we talked about the different transitions that trans men and trans women can go through, we talked about non-binary and genderqueer individuals, and people of color in my community who are trans and nonbinary and the additional difficulties they face. We also talked about Russia and Jamaica and how trans people that live in those countries have refugee programs directed to them, because they could get murdered and dragged in the streets. We got really, really deep.”

“There’s a distinct cut in that conversation with Tan and I where he’s very composed – he’s really composed all the time – and then after I laid some really deep knowledge on him, he was crying. He did come from a very sheltered upbringing and his getting into the queer community basically started with this show. So I don’t blame him for his lack of knowledge. Instead, I very much thank him for his willingness to seek out that knowledge through me, from someone who is willing to teach.”

“My goal was to make him so motivated that he would go forward and be a megaphone to help our community. That’s what we need – not just trans folks standing up, we need other people to have some bit of knowledge on even a basic level of what kind of issues we face. I wish the show could be two hours. But I’m really proud of the outreach they’re already doing with trans youth. I hope that they can carry it forward and continue to help out other trans individuals in the future,” he added.

France has previously said that he's most proud of the episode.