Singer-songwriter Steve Grand revealed in a recent interview how he met fellow out singers Adam Lambert and Elton John.

Grand is currently promoting his sophomore studio album, Not the End of Me.

“Elton was so great,” Grand told Gay Star News. “He's someone I grew up listening to. It was after All-American Boy, so he was aware [of who I was].”

“I remember I met him before one of his concerts backstage. He said, 'Hello, Steven. We've been watching you...' It was the coolest thing.”

Grand said that he met Adam Lambert during Aspen Gay Ski Week.

“It’s funny, I was at Aspen Gay Ski Week. I performed there a couple of years ago. After my show I went in the hot tub just to relax. I was walking back into the hotel and he was there. I was like 'Oh! Hey! What’s going on?' It was random, but he was very cool and gracious. I don’t think he was performing, I think he was just there for fun!”

Grand added that he would “love” to meet other openly gay artists such as Sam Smith, Troye Sivan and Hayley Kiyoko.

“I'm definitely a fan of all those guys,” Grand said. “I just haven't met them.”

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Update: A previous version of this story suggested Grand met Lambert in a hot tub. We apologize for the error.