Out singer-songwriter Steve Grand covers the September issue of UK gay glossy Attitude. In speaking with the magazine, Grand explained why he enjoys wearing skimpy swimwear.

The 27-year-old Grand became an instant celebrity when he released his gay-themed All-American Boy video on YouTube in 2013. Since then he's released a studio album, also titled All-American Boy, and numerous singles.

Grand has filled his Instagram account with pictures of himself wearing skimpy swimwear at the beach. The pictures appear to have divided his fans, with some offering praise and others criticism.

Grand told Attitude that he's aware of the controversy the images create and explained why he enjoys wearing swimwear that barely covers the essentials.

“I'm very well aware that people [think], 'He looks so tasteless. He looks so trashy,'” Grand said.

He explained that he likes the way the garments present the male physique.

“Like men have this wonderful thing between their legs that to some degree protrudes. I think it's a beautiful thing and I like presenting it in a way that's nice and pleasant and attractive,” Grand said.

Grand also talked to Attitude about how he got sober.

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