Rafael Cruz, Texas Senator Ted Cruz's father, on Wednesday claimed that the Supreme Court's Obergefell ruling had legalized marriage “between two men and a horse.”

Obergefell is the landmark 2015 ruling that found gay and lesbian couples have a constitutional right to marry.

Cruz, a conservative preacher, made his remarks while campaigning on behalf of E.W. Jackson, who is seeking to unseat Virginia Senator Tim Kaine in November.

Cruz asserted that the high court's ruling was nothing but an effort to “destroy the traditional family” and that Christians had a duty to elect candidates like Jackson to rein in the courts.

“That decision of the Supreme Court on June 26 of 2015, where they said that God got it wrong and marriage was not just between one man and a woman, it could be between two men and a horse. But basically, that decision was much more than same-sex marriage, it was, at the heart of it, the destruction, or the attempt to destroy, the traditional family,” Cruz said.

Cruz, like Jackson, is an outspoken opponent of LGBT rights. He's previously said that sexual orientation is a choice, marriage equality is part of an agenda to destroy America and the goal of the gay community is to “legalize pedophilia.”

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