Out tennis great Billie Jean King has backed calls to rename Margaret Court Arena over Court's homophobic remarks.

As Australia debated whether to legalize same-sex marriage, Court became a vocal opponent.

The 75-year-old Court at first said she would avoid Qantas airline for its support of marriage equality.

She later claimed that allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry would lead to the end of Christmas, that transgender children were being influenced by the Devil and that gay people in the United States had been abused as children.

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King, 74, made her comments during a press conference at Melbourne Park, during which King was named “the Australian Open Woman of the Year.”

“If I were playing today, I would not play on it [Margaret Court Arena],” King told reporters.
“I was fine until lately, when she said so many derogatory things about my community. I'm a gay woman, and that really went deep in my heart and soul. I personally don't think she should have her name [on the stadium] any more. If you were talking about indigenous people, Jews or any other people, I can't imagine the public would want somebody to have her name on something.”

“I just think she's gotten really derogatory. When she talked about children of transgenders being from the devil, that put me over the edge because we're all God's children, all the best we can be. It took me until I was 51 to feel comfortable in my own skin. Shame-based things are very difficult, so that's the last thing we need. Children who are LGBT have a much higher rate of suicide, so for Margaret, or anybody, to be derogatory towards us, I just think is not healthy,” she added.