Margaret Court, Australia's greatest female tennis player, will not attend this year's Australian Open.

Court's opposition to same-sex marriage sparked calls for a boycott of the Australian Open stadium named after her. As Australia debated whether to legalize such unions, Court became a vocal opponent.

The 75-year-old Court at first said she would avoid Qantas airline for its support of marriage equality.

She later claimed that allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry would lead to the end of Christmas, that transgender children were being influenced by the Devil and that gay people in the United States had been abused as children.

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“As a former champion Margaret was invited to the Australian Open,” tournament organizers told the AFP. “We have been advised she will not be attending this year.”

In an interview with the Herald Sun, Court called calls for a boycott “petty.”

“I think that is petty if they do that and it says what's in their heart,” Court told the paper.

She added that Australia will “pay” for allowing gay couples to wed.

“There will be a genderless generation,” Court said. “My thing was a marriage is between a man and a woman.”